2023 Big Muddy Monthly Game Days

October Game Day

A successful game day for our Saturday 10/7/23 at Miniature Market Retail Superstore 13380 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63131 . We had great attendance that filled four game tables with action. Thanks to Steve Lowry, Pat Lewis, Tom Vielott & Dave Schaffner for their stalwart efforts as GMs for the day providing some great scenarios for our gathered players.

After Action Report for the Battle of Chesapeake Bay 9-5-1781 Miniature Market 10/7/2023 by Steve Lowry.

We had a family game of Action Under Sail with six members of the same family – John, Ben, Mark, Robert (age 10), Dominic (age pastedGraphic.png and Matthew (age 6) participating in game play. I think I now held the record for youngest player. We had nine ships-of-the-line on each side. The British were approaching the Bay with the wind gage and the French were struggling to get out of the Bay to meet the British, causing their van to have some distance from their center (historical setup). As in most family fights, both sides sought to close and go for a death match, no timid lines were present after about three turns. When the French rear, including their flagship the Paris, finally caught up with the action on the last turn, they dealt out some punishment. However, the Paris, being last in line, never got to fire a shot. The French had the edge in crew, guns and sails destroyed so they got the victory, following historical results. Cornwallis was forced to surrender as a result and the US won it’s independence.

Medieval Masters

An After Action Report by Dave Schaffner

A very good showing for October’s game day, being attended by many stalwart area gamers, along with a few new faces!

Playing in my Medieval Masters game of the Hundred Years War, was French King Adam III, Baron Tim L., and Duke Steve T.. Across the sodden field the English of King Harry B. assembled to do battle, ably assisted by crazy Count Craig S., and Baron Adam B, who commanded the left Battle – and battle they would.

We played two games in about the span of three hours, with each side winning a cherished victory – so the War will continue – the next battle explodes across sodden field at Command Con Lite in November!

Wings of Glory WWI

As usual our October Game Day hosted the The Big Muddy Flying School. A big Thank You to Senior Flight Instructor Pat Lewis for stepping in to teach flying lessons in our overflow/reserve game with some experienced pilots joining in. The Central Powers & Allied Aircraft twisted and turned over the skies of “No-Man’s Land” through a reported four sorties throughout the day. Pilots returned to the field exhausted but the word from the Officer’s Club was that they were satisfied that they have honed their skills in the scouts and two seaters.

The Retreat from Fort William Henry 10 August 1757

Black Powder – Micro Scale

by Kevin Fitzpatrick

If you have seen the Last of the Mohicans film you saw the situation upon which this scenario is based. Fort William Henry was surrendered by the British to the French with the negotiations leaving out the payday of loot for the French Indian allies. Not willing to be denied their wages the Indians fell upon the British column as it retired from the fort.

The column now broken up into “rally squares” did their best to extricate themselves from their predicament. This game ebbed and flowed with some good initial luck as the Indians but between the distractions of the various piles of loot left behind by prior members of the retreating column and some accurate fire from the British things turned toward a victory for the Crown’s forces. Happy to report that the Munro daughters were able to escape.

September Game Day

Once again lots of great games and lots of folks there to move miniatures and roll those dice. Our highest Game Day attendance ever! Which we owe to the efforts of our superb cadre of GMs and to our players. 

What a Great Day of Gaming at our Big Muddy September Game Day! We had four full tables of games and lots of good times. A Sincere Thank You to our GMs Dave Schaffner (Beyond Normandy), Mark Lueckenhoff (Sicily 1943) and John Nozka (Bolt Action, Poland 1939), Thanks to Burt Campbell for his help with the Hail Caesar Micro Learn to Play game and to Mark Johnson for his assistance with the hosting duties for the day. 

Our appreciation to the excellent staff at Miniature Market Retail Superstore for their assistance and to all the players who joined us today including the new folks who stopped by then joined in the fun. 

August Game Day

WOW! What a Great Day of Gaming at our Big Muddy August Game Day! We had five full tables of games and lots of good times. A Huge Thank You to our GMs Adam Jones (Luftwaffe 1946), Douglas Hedley (Cruel Seas), Harry Borchardt(Pike & Shotte), David Harrison (Latvia 1944) for presenting us with some challenging scenarios. Thanks to Tom Vielott for handling our overflow game of Wings of Glory at the Big Muddy Flying School. Our appreciation to the excellent staff at Miniature Market Retail Superstore for their assistance and to all the players who joined us today including the new folks who stopped by then joined in the fun.

July 2023 Game Day

Great Time at out July 1st Game Day! Lots of fun and good to see so many out on this holiday weekend. Thanks to Dave Schaffner for Gettysburg 160, Steve King for Princeton 1777 and John Nozka for Escape from Hoth each and everyone was a great presentation and had the players engaged.

June saw us at our annual Barracks Battles @ Die Con 2023 so be sure to check the DieCon button just to your right for some great photos of the action there!

May Game Day

It was a fine day for gaming at May monthly Game Day and our GMs gave us some great times to enjoy! A big Thank You to the following….

The Battle of Horseshoe Bend

by Mark Johnson

During the War of 1812, the United States had to fight British regulars, Canadian forces and Native American tribes.  After some raids and battles, the Creek Indian Nation agreed to terms with the United States.  But a splinter group, calling themselves Redsticks, chose to follow Tecumseh’s call to return to their traditional ways  and resist the incursion of white settlers. The 1000 Redsticks occupied the interior of an oxbow of the Tallapoosa River, 

and fortified the land access.   

In March, 1814, General Andrew Jackson advanced on the Redstick village with 3000 Tennessee Militia and a few hundred regulars.

“Is impossible to conceive a situation more eligible for defense than the one they had chosen and the skill which they manifested in their breastwork was really astonishing.   It extended across the point in such a direction as that a force approaching would be exposed to a double fire, while they lay entirely safe behind it.   It would have been impossible to have raked it with cannon to any advantage even if we had possession of one extremity.

Airwar – C21

by Ray Runge

Time: 29 June 1966/ 1310Hours

Four F-105s were on an IRON HAND mission in the vicinity of JCS Target 51 at 21 deg 10 min North/ 105 deg 31 min E. The flight had left the target and was heading northeast at 4 – 5000 ft then attacked by four MiG-17s

Rules: Airwar – C21

Bolt Action Burma

By Dave Schaffner

British Chindits and the Japanese struggle for control of a jungle base camp.  Bolt Action rules (modified), up to 4 players, 28mm figure game. 

April Game Day!

There was no fooling around on this April Fool’s Day! Just great gaming and hot action on the table.

The Princess of Ninjas: Guns for the Daimyo

by Tom Vielott

The sighting of a European galleon off the coast has made this otherwise quiet Japanese village into the center of intrigue as it becomes clear that the foreigners are here to do a deal with the local warlord. Many groups converge to contest the deal – who will get the goods and who will come away with their lives?

28mm Ninjutsu! (Home Rules) 4-12 Players

Star Wars X-Wing

by James Kantor
It’s TIE Fighters & X-Wings doing battle in the vacuum of space. What’s not to love? 

Oddball’s Attack

by Ray Gluck   

Join Oddball & his tankers as they rip through a German railyard.  While the scene from Kelly’s Heroes is a bit one-sided (to say the least) throw in some random events (like a Panzerfaust or some armor ‘passing by’, and the action is more than reckless.  This is meant to be a bit ‘tongue-in-cheek’ so if you’re looking for historical accuracy (really?) go elsewhere.  If you’re looking for something a bit fun then stop by.  Get to the bridge, get to the town, get the gold.  First, you have to get out of the railyard.  Game length is 2 hours & the game will repeat mid-session.  New players will have priority at mid-session but if slots are open you’re welcome to stay for both. 2-4 Players Fist Full of Lead Bigger Battles

Encounter at Malinova, 

by Dave Schaffner

World War II Eastern Front – Latvia, July 1944.

3mm tank warfare “Combat Actions” game system 

February Game Day!

A Great Selection of Games on a Great Game Day!

Operation Lumberjack. February 45 

 by Eddie Mosely GM

US forces headed to Remagen discover the city of Koln heavily defended by German forces. Can the US secure the city of Koln and open a path to Remagen or will the German defense hold and allow more reinforcements to prevent a push to Remagen.

Flames of War 4th edition. 2-4 players. 

Arctic Thunder

Bolt Action (fast play rules) by Les Hostetler GM

It’s Dec. 19, 1942, 0634 hours, above the Arctic Circle. A reconnaissance aircraft carrying American intelligence officer Colonel Wagner has crashed in the north of Finland, carrying an – terrible luck for our friends from the west! A platoon of NKVD special forces, with armor support, has received orders: go and get him. But the Finnish commandos, the White Death, are known to frequent the area. Care must be taken to recover the valuable intelligence the Americans have brought with them.

Star Wars: Trade Wars

 Full Thrust (modified) –  by John Nozka GM

The Banking Clan and the Hutts are battling over the rights to operate their commercial and criminal enterprises within a planetary system.  Are you with the Clan or the Hutts?  This will be a Star Wars capital ship action.

Crossing Nyezane – by Jon Bancroft

Coastal Column advances on Royal Kraal at Ulundi.  Tis’ a gran advntur, laddie, inta Zulu lan for r fame n fortune. 3-6 Players,  The Sword and The Flame rules 

January Game Day!

The cold days of January will not slow or stop our campaigns.


BONAPARTE Rules – Mark Johnson

The British supply convoy was stopped and raided by partisans at Barracks Battles in June of this year raided by partisans. Now that the Quartermaster General has been relieved and replaced, another wagon train of supplies has been dispatched.

Your Mission: Convey the British convoy safety through the area;

or Lead the Emperor’s forces of Enlightenment and Liberation to Stop and Capture the Convoy; or Do your Duty as el Calde, to Muster the Citizen Militia to Protect the Homes, Farms and Church of Basura sin Valour.

25 MM Napoleonics 3 to 6 players

The War At Home

All Quiet on Martian Front by John Nozka

Well here in St. Louis gaming we have been treated to many traditional AQMF games, Martians vs. Humans. Introducing a new twist to the game system, Martians vs Martians.  So while the war rages on Earth, what is happening back on Mars?  Do the Martians have war protesters??  Is there a revolution against the existing authority structure?  Join us to find out!!

Convoy Intercept

Cruel Seas by Bill Doelling

Weather is a constant and critical factor in the war at sea and on land. Knowledge of it can make or break and operation or change it’s planning. Weather ships dot the seas taking observations and sending in critical data to the Admiralty losing one or two could put a big hole in the information needed to support the battle.  Check the torpedo settings, grab another box of ammunition for the machine guns and strap in as we are heading into action!


 6mm Napoleaonics by Kurt Linke

A most, if not the most colorful era of land warfare will grace our event featuring LaSalle game rules. Learn the nuances of this unique set of rules where planning and maneuver are key.