9/2/23: September Game Day @ Miniature Market

Join us for our Big Muddy September Game Day, Saturday 9/2/23 starting at 11am Miniature Market Retail Superstore 13380 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63131. Beyond Omaha post D-Day, Sicily 1943, Bolt Action Poland 1939 and Wings of Glory WWI.

Beyond Omaha 10 June 1944. Pushing out of the beachhead, the US 2nd Infantry Division fights its first action thick in the Normandy Bocage country around Haute Hameau. Game for 4 players with 1/144th scale units using Normandy ‘144 rules.
GM Dave Schaffner

Sicily. The Invasion of Sicily is a strategic level double bling game featuring the fog of war. Make decisions about combat, air support, supply and the unknown as you race against time to both defeat your opponent and outshine your ally.
GM Mark Lueckenhoff

Bolt Action September 3,1939. German forces have rapidly advanced into Poland. Blitzkrieg warfare is months in the planning and lighting fast in execution. The Polish lines are stretched thin and the Polish Army was caught off guard. Propaganda was key for the Germans to justify the invasion and untie the ethnic Germans in Poland. A Panzer column has rapidly advanced deep into Polish territory and has stopped to refuel, allowing the infantry to catch up. A key Wehrmacht film maker does not wish to miss out on the action & is hastening to get to the front. However, the Polish Army has gathered a small force to stage a counterattack hoping to prevent the link up. 2-6 players
GM John Nozka

Hail Caesar Micro. A learn to play game featuring the Vikings on tour with the local Saxon forces coming out to “greet” the visitors. Just some basic Hail Caesar using flats for this introductory game session.
GM Kevin Fitzpatrick

Wings of Glory WWI. Welcome to the Big Muddy Flying School as we take to the air over the trenches and “No Man’s Land” in the skies of the Great War.
GM Bill Doelling

Held in the spacious game room of
Miniature Market Retail Superstore
13380 Manchester Road
St. Louis, MO 63033

GM Setup at 10am; Gaming begins at 11am

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