Conflict Donbas

Incoming Action – Conflict Donbas by Dave Schaffner

There’s nothing more satisfying in this hobby, than seeing one of those lingering game projects finally make it to the tabletop.  On rare occasions, miniatures or models might be available for a period, before a set of game rules are – this was true for my wanting to do the ‘danger-close’, modern conflict in Ukraine, circa 2014-15 .  Now, after a half-dozen years, there’s finally something to show for the effort, and I think it’s a pretty cool package – calling the  project – Conflict Donbas.

Conflict Donbas scenarios will see players commanding, at a minimum, a platoon-size unit (allowing enough elements for players to meaningfully engage in scenarios).  Happily, the original small collection approach to the period remains plausible, as even to this day, engagements in Ukraine typically involve small units fighting over towns and against tree line positions (utilizing what the Russian’s call Company Tactical Groups – or CTGs). Perhaps never before in wargaming too, a players – 10,000 foot view of the gaming table is validated – innumerable drones are operating over this combat space.


9 thoughts on “Conflict Donbas

  1. Well done Les!

    I’m excited about the possibilities too – this is so very professional looking, and something excellent to link to other game sites.

    Some eye candy [and image-link testing] for the Conflict Donbas project, that I got done last week –


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