Semi Regular Retirees Game 10/12/23 And All for One!

A great day to put on our plumed hats and hear the clash of cold steel as our brave heroes fought for glory & honor!

The King’s favorite Mistress had been abducted and it was up to the Musketeers (Steve Lowry) to exchange the cart of gold for her safety from the Rogue Bandits (Pat Lewis) holding her in the sleepy hamlet of St Francois. The locals had wisely cleared the cobblestone roads to avoid any confrontation and confrontation there was as Planchet entered a building upon arrival to search for the fair lady only to be dealt some serious wounds for his trouble. Soon D’artagan arrived and and engaged in swordplay with elements of the Cardinal’s Guard (Tim Lalk) who were also mysteriously on the scene.

Arriving later were some local Militia (Steve Treatman) that diligently searched for the hostage engaging some of the Bandits and eventually the Musketeers.

At the end of the day, we saw the ox cart of loot being lead away by some bandits only to be interrupted by a Cardinal’s Guardsman.  The Mistress was still in the clutches of the bandits, D’artagan, Planchet were badly wounded, Pothos was unconscious, several bandits were wounded as was Rochefort and another Guardsman. The day went to the Rogue Bandits but for how long?

All for One is a different style of gaming without movement rates and relies on the judgement of players to balance the desire for extra Swashbuckling dice to add to their attacks vs the chance to roll a one and thereby lose the initiative. I will admit to having flubbed the opposed swashbuckling rule, but we will revisit this again probably at Reindeer Wars to see if the King’s Musketeers will carry the day.

Good to see Chris Fawcett stop by for a bit and we wish him well on his adventure and we appreciate his kindness in sharing the various rule sets he dropped off. Likewise it was good to see Kurt Linke visiting and nice to meet Mark Williams and add him to our Semi Regular Retirees listing.

3 thoughts on “Semi Regular Retirees Game 10/12/23 And All for One!

  1. Sharp-looking presentation Kevin!

    By the looks around the tabletop, you prepared the game bits well.

    (also noticed, the nice selection of figure bases that closely match the game mat textures)

    1. Dave,
      Thanks for the kind words. The figs are the Blue Moon range from Old Glory for the most part. The ones without the cobblestone bases are also Old Glory ECW figs mounted on Litko clear bases which I really like. All were painted by Tim Low for me over the last year and are finally getting on the table. Mat is from Table Wars F.A.T. Mat line that I found on sale this year and the buildings are Micro Art Studio now available direct or from Warlord. I still have a couple left to assemble, but they work very, very well. We will give the set up another run at Reindeer Wars in December.

  2. Kev,
    It’s got a great look.

    I guess I keyed in on the bases here, because I’m currently adding a washer to each of my 20mm WW2 figs, for added weight, so they’ll stay upright on the teddy-bear fur mat I’ll be using for my game at the Warlord Games Day coming up in December at Miniature Market.

    With that nicely-textured game map like your cobblestone street-scene above, those clear-based figs fit right in.

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