Semi Regular Retirees Game 10/26/23 Black Powder The Battle of Wilson’s Creek

 It was a Command Con Lite preview of Ed Gray’s Black Powder The Battle of Wilson’s Creek Scenario. Steve Treatman (USA) and Kurt Linke (CSA)  took up arms (figs & dice) to guide their opposing forces in this early battle of the US Civil War in our own great state of Missouri. Kurt got initiative on the first turn and was able to inflict some damage & disruptions on the Union line giving Steve some headaches as he looked for ways to return the favor. Initiative shifted to the USA for most of the game thereafter but the fortunes of war and dice rolls continued to lean towards Kurt and his troopers.

     Don’t want to give too much away for this game coming up at the Con, but this one came out with a historically correct Confederate win. 

Union Artillery at the Ready!

Union Cavalry attacking some Rebel Infantry

Union Infantry with 3 loses is both shaken and disordered.

2 thoughts on “Semi Regular Retirees Game 10/26/23 Black Powder The Battle of Wilson’s Creek

  1. Had a tremendous experience when working for NGA in attending a multiple day staff ride for Wilson’s Creek. The combination of Geo-spatial data and on the ground eye level viewing was mind boggling. Maybe my favorite battles of the ACW though Glorieta Pass (one of my cultural heroes was pivotal in he strategic defeat of the Confederacy) probably slightly edges it out for number 1.

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