Semi Regular Retirees Game 11/02/23 The Great Turkey Hunt.

The Semi Regular Retirees Game 11/02/23 at Miniature Market Retail Superstore was a Command Con Lite sneak peak/run through as we tried out The Great Turkey Hunt scenario for One Hour Skirmish Wargame Rules. Steve Lowry & Pat Lewis commanded small detachments of Roger’s Rangers while Chris Ketcherside and Steve Treatman headed up the contingent from the French Canadian Coureur du Bois. The detachments were out looking for turkeys for the officer’s mess and came across an assortment of interesting challenges. A big thanks to the group who provided some great advice to spice things up in this French & Indian War scenario which will hit the table again on Saturday 11/11/23 for Command Con Lite.

Pat Lewis bagged the turkey in both games and was the winner.

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