Semi Regular Retirees Game 11/16/23 Black Powder ACW. 

Just a bit of American Civil War today in 6mm for our Semi Regular Retiree’s Game. Black Powder rules using centimeters rather than inches. Tom Stevenson with the Northern Army bested me in the first game as we failed to cross the ford. Pat Lewis came to my rescue in the second game commanding the six Southern regiments and gave Tom a run for his money.

Each player operated a brigade size unit. The Union (Tom) had four regiments with two average size and two larger ones along with a battery of six guns. The South (Kevin then Pat) had 6 smaller regiments with a 4 gun battery.

In the first game the South was outclassed carrying only smoothbore muskets. In game two we upgraded them to the rifled version and dispensed with the stream. Initiative rolls generally fell towards the Southern player in both games giving some slight advantage.

In the end it was a good chance to just familiarize ourselves with the Black Powder rules set. 

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