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 Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St. Louis

Volume 5 Issue #12  (December 2023)

’Tis the season for a host of fun gaming!

featuring our 

December Game Day on 

Sunday 12/10/23 11am


Miniature Market Retail Superstore

 13380 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63131

With a 

full schedule of

Warlord Games

Sunday December 10 11am (New Date)

Bolt Action

Normandy Firefight – It is mid-morning on D-Day, the 6th of June, and a column in field grey presses south on the RN13 towards Sainte-Mere-Eglise…..the troops are singing!   A sound of desperate fighting will soon replace the tune.

20mm figures 2-4 players 

Dave Schaffner GM

Hail Caesar

The time period is the 100 year war between the French & English. The Black Prince has been raiding & plundering French towns. This campaign has been successful but it’s time to resupply and offload the captured treasures & tribute. As the English race to the coast, the French have rallied & commit forces to stop the invaders. Will the Black Prince’s forces make it to the coast? Or will the French take back what is theirs?

   4-6 Players

Randy Higgenbotham GM

Bolt Action

A Bridge Too Far – Poland 1939

The German Blitzkrieg attack into Poland is dependent on rapid advance thru the Polish Frontier.  An essential key to this is capturing key bridges to allow the spearhead to penetrate deep into Poland.  One such bridge exists at Schrimm, Poland.  Advance units of a German Infantry Division are making their way to capture this key bridge.  Polish Army and National Guard troops recognize the importance of this bridge and are advancing in order to blow it up. 

 Come and see if you can bring your side to victory.

20mm  2-6 players

John Nozka GM

Black Seas 

The British Navy has taken a severe beating in Chesapeake Bay from the French Fleet. The HMS Africa and escorts are limping their way back to New York, so she can be repaired enough to cross the Atlantic back to England.  The Continental Navy has found out about her condition and has set sail to take her on. Headed by the USS Constitution, this is looking to be a rousing affair.

Scale: 1/700 ships   2-6 Players

Chris Coffelt GM

Black Powder 

The Battle of Shaikan

Hick’s Pasha vs the Mahdi in the baking desert. November 5, 1885. Will the native forces be subdued or does disaster loom? 

         6mm (2-4 Players)a

GM Kevin Fitzpatrick

And our annual Gamer Survey!

Be sure to take time to fill out our annual survey. Let us know what your thoughts are on how we can make the gaming community better for us all


 by Kevin Fitzpatrick

Thoughts as 2023 comes to a close

As You likely know, Big Muddy is an organization of volunteers that work together to represent our hobby of table top miniature gaming in the public space. It takes the efforts of many to put together events such as we are about to enjoy today along with our monthly game days and other events. 

It is only appropriate as we close out 2023 that we also take a moment & consider the efforts made by many to that provide us with some of the best gaming around.

Therefore I would like to offer my appreciation to 

Les Hostetler for his efforts to put together our new website. 

Adam Jones for his years of efforts organizing and presenting our hobby in the public arena.

Dave Schaffner for starting the monthly game days and his excellent presentations on the table top.

Ray Gluck for his organizing the Wednesday night gaming in O’Fallon, IL. 

Powell Hall for organizing the Gaslands game in St. Peters

Jon Bancroft for producing DieCon each June for us to enjoy.

The Members of Big Muddy who contribute financially to the group’s efforts.

The Officers of the group, David Harrison, James Kantor, Mark Johnson & Bill Doelling. 

Steve Treatman for his assistance with the Gamer Survey this year.

All of our GMs throughout the years who have given us some wonderfully presented & challenging scenarios. 

The Players who without we would not have a reason to do any of the above. 

Tyson, Nick & the entire crew of Miniature Market who have been gracious hosts for our events. 

November After Action Reports

AARs & pics were posted to the Facebook Page and website, but for those who may have missed them here we go…

Our appreciation to the excellent staff at Miniature Market Retail Superstore for their assistance and to all the players who joined us today including the new folks who stopped by then joined in the fun. 

Semi Regular Retirees Game 110/02/23 The Great Turkey Hunt. by Kevin Fitzpatrick

The Semi Regular Retirees Game 11/02/23 at Miniature Market Retail Superstore was a Command Con Lite sneak peak/run through as we tried out The Great Turkey Hunt scenario for One Hour Skirmish Wargame Rules. Steve Lowry & Pat Lewis commanded small detachments of Roger’s Rangers while Chris Ketcherside and Steve Treatman headed up the contingent from the French Canadian Coureur du Bois. The detachments were out looking for turkeys for the officer’s mess and came across an assortment of interesting challenges including each other. 

Semi Regular Retirees Game 11/09/23 The Battle of The Java Sea. by Kevin Fitzpatrick

Our game this week was a Command Con Lite preview. Nimitz the Battle of the Java Sea turned into a close action as the IJN (Kevin Fitzpatrick) moved to intercept the ABDA forces (Steve Lowry). It was a slugfest which saw the Allied forces score a win against a superior force.

Command Con Lite 11/11/23

AAR of Defensive Point nr.54 (played Nov 11, 2023 @ Command Con Lite) by John Nozka

Major Hoffmeister has decided to dispatch three reinforced platoons led by Second Lieutenants Rohr, Oppert, and Stelzner to deal with Polish Defensive Point nr.54. Given their advance so far into Poland, he believes this should be sufficient force to overcome the Polish defenses. The force was formidable, consisting of three command sections, seven infantry squads, three sapper teams, a light mortar section, and an MMG team. The platoons slowly entered the area with two thirds of them approaching on the right and one third on the left. They could barely make out the bunkers when mortar rounds started crashing around one of the infantry squads. Luckily no casualties were reported and all three platoons continued their cautious advance towards the bunkers. Soon there was a scream, “PLANE!”. Everyone gazed upward and saw a Pzl P.23C light bomber diving on one of the infantry squads. Machine gun rounds kicked up dirt all around as bombs started exploding amongst the squad members. Eventually, two men lay dead and several nearby units were suppressed by the attacking aircraft. Barely had they recovered when mortar rounds started exploding within another squad. After the smoke cleared, three more infantrymen lay dead. The Lieutenants ushered their men forward. As they moved forward, the bunker opposing the right force opened up, killing a soldier. Then another scream of “PLANE!”. This time a Pzl P.11f fighter dove, but must have been a rookie pilot as he machine gunned a nearby sheep’s pen. However, he must have realized his mistake because he soon returned and this time killed two more soldiers in a strafing attack. Getting nearer the bunkers, soon a P.23B bore down on the advancing Germans, but his bombs fell errantly away from any units. As the Germans made their way around a gated garden, there was a sharp crack of a rifle and Second Lieutenant Rohr was seen slumping to the ground, the victim of a Polish marksman. The word spread, ‘Sniper in the area’. Soon another Polish P.11c fighter was diving on the troops within the gated garden. The exposed Sapper team took the brunt of this attack, suffering one casualty. In addition to causing the casualty, the strafing attack also suppressed several German units in and around the garden, slowing the advance on the bunkers. Not long afterwards, a Polish infantry squad opened up and eliminated the remnants of a German infantry squad that had been taking heavy fire from the bunker opposing the left side German force. As if that was not enough, yet another P.23B rolled in and wiped out a Sapper team on the right side force. Lieutenant Oppert and Selzner looked around at the remaining troops and realized that this position was too potent for them to take on their own and the Poles obviously were achieving air superiority in the area. Slowly they ordered a retreat back to their parent battalion to report the strength of this Polish Defensive Point.

Note: The Poles did not take any casualties despite several attempts to kill the Polish Marksman. The Germans did manage to put one round through the slit of a bunker but without causing any casualties.

Plains Indian Wars 

by Pat Lewis

Two great games of this GMT board game converted to 3D with Baccus figures.

Both games won by the tribes.  First game was close with the transcontinental RR completed

Both sides struggled over the bloody finish line.

Second game was very tough for Settlers as they failed roll after roll to clear the Sierras into Nevada.  The results meant the Indians decimated cavalry and Settlers with a vengeance!

Still everyone smoked peace-pipes at game end with lots of fun having maintained their scalps!

The Great Turkey Hunt: One Hour Skirmish Wargames Rules. 

by Kevin Fitzpatrick

A French & Indian Wars scenario with Mark & Bryson as Roger’s Rangers, Pete & Tim as the French Canadians and Eddie as the Native Americans. Everyone was out looking for a turkey to fill the dinner needs of their leaders around the campfire. Each team searched the wooded areas (and there were lots of them) coming across turkeys and other wildlife. The team able to first find a turkey, shoot it and then get it off the board was the winner. This lead to some interesting exchanges as the teams engaged not only the critters they came upon but each other. Did those Rangers really steal a turkey from the Courer du Bois? It seems they did. We were able to get in six games of this fast playing rule set. If you missed an opportunity to play, we will have a reprise session Tuesday 12/26 on the first day of Reindeer Wars. 

Wednesday Night Gaming 11/15/23 Space Pirates 

at Fantasy Books & Games in O’Fallon, IL

by Dave Murvihill

From: Vice President of Acquisitions, Universal Energy Corporation

To: President, Johnray Security Corporation

Subj: Completion of Contract 345672

1.       Our laboratory has certified the 15 black holes delivered and entered them into inventory. Accordingly, 15,000,000 credits have been deposited into your account at Beezle 7 Planetary Bank and Trust.

2.       UEC is disappointed that JSC did not deliver more black holes. Your reports of ‘shiny silver robots’ and ‘space-worthy trash cans’ do not fill us with confidence. All said, 15 black holes are minimally adequate to fill the contract.

     UEC will not be providing compensation for those JSC employees wounded and imprisoned by the galactic government for misusing a lifepod station. Such compensation is not in the contract and UEC bluntly denies hiding any information about other interlopers. Frankly, we wanted you to succeed. Any further veiled threats attempting extortion will result in blacklisting. In filling this contract you’ve earned a plus sign in the UEC vendor list, don’t change that to a minus…


Egor Undigestible,



Gamemasters’ notes:

Great game guys. Hopefully it moved fast enough for all of you, there were a lot of players. The Cybermen leveraged their position adjoining each other to gang up on Dave’s Daleks and Matthew had really hot dice. When we quit the score was:

Mercenaries: 15 Black holes

Cybermen: 15(?) Black holes

Pirates: 5 Black holes

Daleks: 1(?) Black hole

There were 36 total (8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1), let us know if these numbers are wrong.

Three factions weren’t finished fighting on the command deck, but we ran out of time. The results could have been interesting.

The only change I’ll be making to the rules is that the melee bonus for additional figures in contact will only extend to one squad (IOW, +3 max).

I will raise the Dalek’s penetration to 3 and wings will get a d4 number of figures instead of only one (once I find more figures).

I’ve included the scenario introduction below, no need to read if you were at the game.

Thanks, Dave M.

Space Station Invasion

The most valuable resource in the entire universe is the micro-black hole. One cannot say they are worth their weight in gold because anything that absorbs gravity cannot be weighed, but they are worth a lot. The most successful company that seeks micro-black holes is the ACME Mining Corporation, where it is said their president, Mr. William C. Yote can sniff out black holes from a parsec away.

The company’s most lucrative mine was in the Doeceedoe Asteroid Belt, which for a time produced 40% of their profits. The lode dried up suddenly 10 years ago and the corporation shut down operations, laying off all the employees that worked there.

Rather than scrap the space station that serviced the mining operation, ACME sold it to the galactic government for scrap value. The government converted the station to an emergency lifepod haven, keeping it equipped with enough food, oxygen and power to sustain stranded spacers until rescue vehicles could arrive.

For the next ten years the space station sat unoccupied other than annual maintenance visits and three times when lifepods used it for the intended purpose. This all ended when a disgruntled former ACME employee on his deathbed confessed to his priest that he had hidden a bunch of micro-black holes around the station, hoping to recover them later.

After the man passed the naïve priest let the cat out of the bag and the race was on for various factions to steal the micro-black holes.

You are in one of four factions robbing the station. Your goal is to find and take more of the black holes off the station with you than any other faction. The black holes are in transit chests that may require more than one person to move. Your sensors have detected several anomalies on the station that may 

Semi Regular Retirees Game 11/16/23 Black Powder ACW. 

by Kevin Fitzpatrick

Just a bit of American Civil War today in 6mm for our Semi Regular Retiree’s Game. Black Powder rules using centimeters rather than inches. Tom Stevenson with the Northern Army bested me in the first game as we failed to cross the ford. Pat Lewis came to my rescue in the second game commanding the six Southern regiments and gave Tom a run for his money. Each player operated a brigade size unit. The Union (Tom) had four regiments with two average size and two larger ones along with a battery of six guns. The South (Kevin then Pat) had 6 smaller regiments with a 4 gun battery. In the first game the South was outclassed carrying only smoothbore muskets. In game two we upgraded them to the rifled version and dispensed with the stream. Initiative rolls generally fell towards the Southern player in both games giving some slight advantage. In the end it was a good chance to just familiarize ourselves with the Black Powder rules set. 

Have you checked out our website?

Official Notice

The Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St. Louis 

Posts The Following Official Notice

Membership Donation Drive 2024

Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance (BMHGA)

The officers of the Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance are asking for your help in supporting the continued financial health of Big Muddy, and the continuation of our convention schedule through 2024.

 We wish to offer you the following Donation Levels for your financial support.

STANDARD – $30.00

$30.00 donation provides the following:

  1. Paid registration for Barracks Battles 2024.
  2. Receipt of all Big Muddy communications including “Dispatches” our monthly E-Newsletter, participation in our Facebook Group and other channels as they evolve.
  3. Full voting membership for officers and any other items forwarded by the Board of Directors.
  4. Entitled to serve as a board member or officer.
  5. Entitled to free monthly text style classified ad (up to three paragraphs) in Big Muddy E- Newsletter.

STUDENTS – $20.00: The membership level is for young people who are in school. To acquire this membership, the donor will need to show a current student ID.

$20.00 donation provides the following:

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A $10.00 donation provides the following:

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  5. Entitled to Free monthly text style classified ad (up to three paragraphs) in Big Muddy E- Newsletter.

If you wish to support Big Muddy by participating in any of the plans listed above, please complete the donor contact section below and send your check or money order made payable to Big Muddy to our Treasurer: 

William Doelling

1410 Mohican Trail

St. Charles, MO 63304. 

Thank you for your support,

David Paul Harrison 

President BMHGA


Donor Contact Information

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A Tip of the Hat

The Board of Directors would like to acknowledge the following members who have already submitted their membership donations for 2024.

Warren Burris, Robert Clark, Ray Gluck, 

Will Hodgens, James Kantor, Jon Bancroft,

Harry Borchart, William Doelling, Kevin Fitzpatrick,

Mark Johnson, Edward Menefee, John Nozka,

David Schaffner, Keith Stuckmeyer, John Voelker,

Glen Wilson, Kevin Weber

Our Group’s New Email Box

Gaming in the Public Space

A reminder that our gaming in the public space is a both a hopefully enjoyable experience and our most valuable means to grow our gaming community. It is therefore important that we be certain that our appearance to others who may visit with us or engage in any fashion are left with a positive impression if we are to keep our hobby vibrant. 

Great terrain, beautiful miniatures and fantastic scenarios are all important to that first impression, but equally important are players who are engaged and enjoying themselves. Gaming is competitive by nature and the “moment’ may cause us to say something or do something that not only detracts from the game but from our long established friendships. You are urged to think how something will be perceived before you say it and what the other person might be dealing with in the world beyond the game table. 

Let’s not attract potential new players with great looking presentations only to push them away with unnecessary 

ill-considered words or tension. 

It is our hobby and let’s enjoy it together. 

Have you checked out our website?

Covid and Flu Season

Just a reminder that the seasonal flu shots are available and that taking care of yourself and family is always a good idea. The new variant of Covid has also affected several of our community.

Classified Ads

For Classified Ads, be sure to check the Quartermaster page on our website at

Big Muddy Game Days 2024 

A Big Thank You to the GMs that have stepped forward to offer us a fine selection of gaming opportunities in 2023 and we are receiving submissions for 2024. 

In the first quarter of the new year look for Armada – fantasy fleet actions, 25mm American Revolutionary War, Wings of Glory,  Nimitz, Black Powder, Bolt Action, The Battle of Asculum 15mm ancients, Stepanivak Crossroads- Ukraine 2014, All Quiet on The Martian Front, In Her Majesty’s Name and much more!

 If you are thinking of running a game please let us know as soon as you can do so in order to get the date(s) you prefer.

Big Muddy Game Days 2023 

Here is a look at what is coming for the rest of this year……

Sunday December 10 11am (Warlord Game Day) (New Date)

Bolt Action – GM Dave Schaffner

Bolt Action – GM John Nozka

Hail Caesar – GM Randy Higginbothom

Black Seas – GM Chris Coffelt

Black Powder Micro 6mm Colonials GM Kevin Fitzpatrick

Reindeer Wars 11am to 3pm each day

Tuesday 12/26 

Table One The Great Turkey Hunt – Kevin Fitzpatrick

Table Two Unassigned

Wednesday 12/27

Table One Conflict Donbas – Dave Schaffner

Table Two Unassigned

Thursday 12/28

Table One Unassigned

Table Two Unassigned

Friday 12/29

Table One Unassigned

Table Two Unassigned

And time to start thinking about those monthly game days for 2024. It will be here before you know it!

Regional Convention News:

Conventions that will see participation by Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance -St. Louis  are listed in bold.

Winter War: 2024, Champaign, IL 

Gamicon: 2024, Cedar Rapids, IA  

CincyCon: 2024, Hamilton, OH 

AdeptiCon: 2024 Schaumberg, IL

March to Victory: 2024 Blue Springs, MO

Little Wars 2024 Naperville, IL  

CODCON XXVII: 2024, Glen Ely, IL  

Heroicon: 2024  Decatur, IL

Border Wars: 2024 , Overland Park, KS

DieCon 2024: Gateway Convention Center, Collinsville, IL

Origins: 2024 Columbus, OH

Twisted Lords Con:, 2024 Midwest City, OK

Gen Con 2024: Indianapolis, IN

HistoriKC Fest Kansas City: Overland Park, KS .

Nashcon: 2024 Nashville, TN

Autumn Wars 2024 //

Archon 47Gateway Convention Center, Collinsville, Illinois

Advance the Colors: 2024, Columbus, OH

Siege of Vicksburg 2024: Vicksburg, TN 

Advance the Colors: October 2024, Columbus, OH

Siege of Vicksburg: Vicksburg, TN 

Rock-Con: Rockford, IL

Command Con Lite Miniature Market Retail Superstore 13380 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63131

If you know of any regional gaming conventions that should be sure to let me know so that it can be added to our listings. 

Local Gaming Events Calendar: 

This information is also available on our website just use the Calendar of Events button on the right hand side.

Remember to be inviting to passers-by at public events. Let’s share our hobby with those who might find it of interest.


12/06:  Action Under Sail: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

12/06:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

12/07:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

12/10:  Big Muddy Game Day: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

12/13:  C21: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

12/13:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

12/15:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

12/20:  Starfire & Boardgames: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

12/20:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

12/21:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

12/25:  Christmas Day

12/26:  Reindeer Wars: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

12/27:  Reindeer Wars: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

12/27:  Savo Island: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

12/27:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

12/28:  Reindeer Wars: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

12/29:  Reindeer Wars: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

12/31:  New Year’s Eve!

And Beyond……

01/01:  New Year’s Day! 

01/03:  Bigger Battles & C21: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

01/03:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

01/06:  Big Muddy Game Day: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

01/10:  Speed Circuit & Fistful of Lead: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

01/10:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

01/11:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

01/17:  Fast Armor Rules: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

01/17:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

01/18:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

01/24:  Action Under Sail: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

01/24:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

01/25:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

01/31:  General Quarters 3: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

01/31:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

02/01:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

02/03:  Big Muddy Game Day: Miniature Market on Manchester 11am

For all of the above events listed remember that you do not need to bring along anything to play as all items necessary will be on the table and ready to go.


If you have any suggestions for 

Dispatches of The Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St. Louis 

our Facebook Page, Website or know of someone who would like to be included in our email listings please feel free to let us know. The contact information is at the end of this newsletter.

To have your event listed please email 

no later than the 20th of the month preceding the event

While we strive to be as accurate as is possible all events listed are subject to last minute changes, substitutions and/or cancellations.

Website & Facebook Page

Are the places to check for the latest updates & news in our area.

Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St. Louis (BMHGA) strives to support and build the historical gaming hobby in the St. Louis Metro Area “By demonstration, presentations at conventions, schools. libraries, and other events, where the theme includes military or gaming.

For further information email:

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