Semi Regular Retirees Game 11/30/23 “1812”

 It was a great day for gaming and Pat Lewis treated us to his jumbo 1812 game at Miniature Market Retail Superstore on Manchester Road. Chris Ketcherside (US Regulars) and Kurt Linke (US Militia) teamed up against Steve Lowry (British Regulars), Steve Treatman (Canadian Militia) and Kevin Fitzpatrick (British Native Allies) in a short but tense game of this classic. 

   The war swung back and forth as both sides attacked and counter attacked to gain or hold territory. Battles were taking place across the North American Continent with exchanges in the East and West proving to be side shows to the main battle near Niagara in the center of the boards. 

   Kurt & Chris coordinated well and forced an early end to the game which was to their benefit as they ended up holding one more territory than the British side. Steve Lowry & Steve Treatman made some major pushes throughout the game and my Indians did what they could to befuddle our esteemed opponents by sneaking around behind them when possible. 

   Overall a fun afternoon and our Thanks to Pat for running this one. 

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