Semi Regular Retiree’s Game 12/07/23 And One For All!

It was a rough and tumble day on the field of honor as the brave King’s Musketeers (Steve T) and Cardinal’s Guard (Pat L) attempted to set upon the Rogue Bandit’s (Mark) and take back the ransom money that had been paid for the King’s favorite Lady in Waiting (who we recall was not recovered but the ransom was made off with by the ner do wells) in our last episode in the town of St. Francois. 

    The ransom was being held in a small roadside shed guarded by 12 alert bandits as the Cardinals Guard approached. Insults were hurled, shots were fired and swords drawn as the battle was joined. The Musketeers coming in from the opposite direction of the Red Guard made some progress as Planchet was able to get into the shed and grab a bag of the loot only to be set upon by one of the dastardly fellows. Wounded and fighting for his continued presence on the planet he bravely held out until D’Artagnan arrived to assist. We saw more and more Rogues run to protect their ill gotten gains and the Cardinal’s Guard joined in to where we had 6 in the shed wielding swords, insults, straw, dirt and general mayhem. 

    Later in the game, a Lady Rogue of questionable character insulted the Cardinal who was there to lead his Guard to victory. We are certain that there is not enough treasure in the world to buy her enough indulgences to offset this blasphemy. 

    The day ended after the sides all severely reduced in strength fell back from the fray. The Musketeers and Cardinal’s Guard return empty handed to the disapproval of His Majesty, but word comes through some covert sources that the Lady in Waiting and the treasure are headed to a not too distant port. Will it be possible to recover both and please the King? Will there be Pirates there as well as Rogues? Can the Musketeers recover their standing with the Crown? Will the Cardinal hatch a plot to undo it all? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode in our continuing drama.

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