Semi Regular Retiree’s Game 12/14/23 Trenton

Steve Lowry treated us to a Fist Full of Lead Bigger Battles game using 54mm miniatures recreating a portion of the Battle of Trenton from the American War of Independence.

Pat, Harry & Steve S. took up the American cause and prepared their assault on the sleepy hamlet while Keith, Kevin & Mark’s forces lay asleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads on this cold Winter’s night. A heavy snow had covered the town in a white blanket during the hours of darkness and all was peaceful.

The quiet was shattered by the advance of the Continentals setting upon the Hessians.

The Hessians nearest to the advance of the Continentals gave a good account of themselves engaging a cannon crew and the advancing infantry. Their luck was short-lived as the cards were not in their favor on turn two and this unit was eliminated with withering fire from the advancing blue clad horde.

In the end a majority of the Hessian forces were able to escape the grips of the Continentals with four of the units left behind as a blocking force to extract what they could in both time and hits upon the Americans. The town fell to the upstart colonists, but there will be another day!

For those that were unable to join us today, this scenario will be reprised during Reindeer Wars. Check the calendar for the complete schedule.

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