Semi Regular Retiree’s Game 12/21/23 The Great Turkey Hunt..

What is more appropriate for the Holidays than a turkey? So it is off into the woods to find one for the officer’s mess in this One Hour Skirmish Wargame scenario based in the French & Indian Wars. A reprise scenario from Command Con Lite where we had a good time! Chris (Coureur Du Bois), Mark (Woodland Indians), Steve & Rich (Rogers Rangers) all were out hunting and all seemed to enjoy the riches of what seemed to be turkeys falling from the sky in our eight games.

Mark was the first to bag a turkey due to the superior hunting skills of the natives (and a good card pull). Steve being  a bit of a rascal did manage to swipe a turkey that Rich had secured and tried to grab one from Mark. He was later rewarded for his mischievousness by an encounter with the “super wolf” who depleted his hunting party by 3/5ths. Rich became known as “wolfman” early on, for his numerous encounters with the critters.

The woods had to be searched, but sometimes there was more than just a turkey to be found.

Chris had a little trouble getting traction early on, but did finally find a bird before the rest of the hungry trappers were about to pounce on his group. In our eight games played everyone got at least one bird, a few troopers found tangling with the wolves to not be the best idea and the bears once found popped up with a great regularity. 

Big Foot is often confused with Sasquatch, Yeti never complains.

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