Semi Regular Retirees Game 01/04/24 – Nimitz

It was a big battle for our first Retirees Game of the new year at Miniature Market Retail Superstore as we paid a visit to the Leyte Gulf and a hypothetical clash between the USN and their Japanese counterparts.

Taffy 3 was at the center of the board to start with the fast approaching IJN Task Force headed by the behemoth Battleship Yamato. The thin hulled CVE’s beat as hasty a retreat as possible while the courageous escorting DE’s and DDs headed into the fray to do what they could to protect the carriers. Our scenario rules allowed for a bit of US aircraft participation based upon the number rolled on 1D6 by the US. A 6 was required to get a hit and then only a Critical could be scored. Luck did favor the USN a couple of turns with the airstrikes doing a bit of damage here and there, taking a couple of ships out of the charge.

This battle took a twist on history and included nearby forces on both sides as they sailed to the sound of the guns. So we saw the venerable older BBs & their escorting Cruisers and Destroyers as well as additional IJN ships of all sizes heading into the fray.

Greg pushes forward with his Japanese Cruisers while Pat & Steve plan their moves.

In the center you will see two of Mark’s Destroyers facing off against the lines of approaching IJN Destroyers and Cruisers.

Kurt & Pat study the arriving US reinforcements while Mark does what he can to hold the line. Steve is bringing up the Japanese heavies while Greg & Keith plot the next IJN move.

Things are getting crowded as the US fleet arrives to the upper left. It will not be long before things heat up.

The US Battle Line.

A final look from overhead as the fleets meet up.

Overall a well fought game by both sides. Fortune seemed to favor the Yanks in this game as not only numbers but the dice rolls seemed to be going their way. Thanks to the IJN players Steve, Greg & Keith, The US Players Kurt, Mark & Pat and to Steve L for putting the scenario together for an interesting and engaging afternoon.

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