January Game Day 01/06/24

The overnight snow did nothing to deter our stalwart Game Masters and Players from coming out to our January Game Day which ended with a happy group of miniature enthusiasts looking forward to our next meeting in February.

We went from this scene as the GMs set up ….

to this as we were underway with overflowing games….

Dave Schaffner guided his players through the Stephanivka Crossroads battle of 2014 in Ukraine with his expertly crafted game table and scenario.

Dave shares his after action report from the field…..

“Saturday we engaged once again around the Stepanivka Crossroads, in the Doneskt Oblast of eastern Ukraine- with veteran gamers Sam and Mark trekking all the way down from northern Missouri to play, and Bryson, Chris, and Nathan heading up the local, new crop of recent area enthusiasts that regularly attend our monthly events now.  This time the Separatist and Russian team shared a victory.  Fresh gamer Nathan totally immersed himself in the scenario setting, and I was heartened to see him and Mark strategizing over their situation map as they worked together to create their plan of action (reminded me of times long past when doing the same with buds like Adam J., and Ken S.).  All in all, Saturday’s event was well attended (again – very rewarding for the presenters, and hopefully for the attendees). Dave” 

Pat Lewis presented his 3D version of GMTs Plains Indian Wars which saw the Native Americans come out on top by just a few points.

Tim Lalk took his players back to Ancient Rome with the battle of Asculum with superbly painted 15mm figures and share his game report…..

“On January 6th, 2024 the Battle Of Asculum was refought at Miniature Market.  The Greek army of Pyrrhus was led by Dan, Mark, and Rick.”

“The Roman commanders were Richard, Craig, and Chet.”

“In the early stages of the game the Greeks (on the right in the picture) decide on a defensive posture to gain the uphill advantage in combat and on the right of their battle line send out light horse and the elephants to probe the Roman left.  Skirmishers are also sent down the heights to disrupt the Roman center.  The Romans march forward slowly adjusting their lines for a tactic not yet revealed.  Meanwhile, on the Roman right horsemen move around the woods causing the Greeks to react there”.  

As the Romans approached there was fierce fighting in the center by determined skirmishers, slingers, and bowmen. Many of these under-appreciated fighters died.  In the photo below we can see the Greeks deployed in their famous “lazy S” defense.   Also note that Consul Richard has raised his baton  to signal the grand charge of the Roman battle line.”

“The Roman tactics are now made clear:  shift the Roman Princepes and Hastati, their best attacking units, to hit the Greek allied spear and not the more formidable Macedonian and Epirote Phalanx of pike.  The Roman right also initiated an attack to dissuade a flanking maneuver by the Greeks.  The Greek center received a hail of thousands of javelins causing disruptions in several units which were then attacked by pila hurling Romans.”  

“Note the green markers denoting disrupted units who have been pushed back from the edge of the heights.  Although the Greek battle line was close to being broken they still had their most dominant units available on the flanks.  Once these units engaged it would just be a matter of fighting to exhaustion.  Unfortunately real life inserted itself and players had to leave.  I thought all of them did well in learning the rules and adopting good tactics.  Thank you players as I had a very enjoyable time with you.”

Chris Ketcherside provided a vision of the Old West with The Battle of The Little Big Horn using Command and Colors rules which saw another win for the Native Americans.

Chris tells us in his AAR,

History repeated itself along the Little Big Horn River today with a massive Indian victory.  The 7th Cav marched off with a  good plan and solid horsemanship, but could not get the rolls to make use of their firepower, which they really needed.

    Todays game was really a beta test and everyone had some really good, solid input to improve the game but thought it was worth working on.  Thanks to everyone who played it for me today!

Tom Vielott & Kurt Linke combined to run Wings of Glory teaching new players the ropes of this game system.

Our sincere Thank You to the great GMs who presented our players with some fascinating scenarios to enjoy, the Players , the visitors who came out to enjoy the day with friends and to Nick and the Great Staff of Miniature Market who as always are helpful and supportive. We look forward to seeing you all again on Saturday February 3rd for our next Big Muddy Monthly Game Day!

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  1. Let the good times roll……

    That was one fine lookin’ crowd, enjoying a great lineup of games!

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