Semi Regular Retirees Game 01/11/24 – Armada

Keith, Pat, Steve, (The Humans), Tim, Kurt and Kevin (The Orcs) gathered today to learn the ins and outs of the Armada fantasy age of sail rules system hosted by Greg. The players found the rules to be simple and straightforward but containing subtle nuances that will surely be expanded upon in future games as the various fantasy races are involved.

Here Greg explains the rules to the assembled group.

Two of the cool looking Orc ships commanded by Kurt.

Pat moves his ship forward as Steve & Tim observe.

Greg goes over some specifics with the Human team.

Late in the game the Orcs (in Red) pursue the Humans with both sides having lost a ship each.

The action heats up on the table.

The Orcs achieved a ram on this Human ship.

The game ended in an Orc victory with one ship lost and several with some serious damage. The Humans faired less well this time but we are sure they will be back again to claim glory on the High Seas! Good to see all the participants and the folks that stopped by to visit.

4 thoughts on “Semi Regular Retirees Game 01/11/24 – Armada

  1. Glad everyone enjoyed the game… I look forward to doing more games with more fantasy races and magic items!

    1. Greg,
      Thanks for teaching us this game system. It was very enjoyable to try out and we look forward to the next outing.

    1. Dave,
      They certainly were very nicely done. I look forward to seeing more ships of the different fantasy races on the table in the future. This is a very easy to learn and play game from what we saw on Thursday.

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