American Civil War Naval Battle of New Orleans

The “Pat Lewis Terrain Workshop and Miniature Painting Emporium” has been busy crafting out some spectacular terrain boards for 1/1200 scale ACW Naval Warfare in the age of the ironclad.

The forts that protected the approach to New Orleans are clearly delineated here. It surely would be tough going to get past those two installations.

New Orleans is about 60 miles upstream of the bottom of the photo.

A close up look at the larger of the Rebel controlled forts.

Some of the background to the terrain.

A big Thank You to Pat for sharing his work with us all and now we would like to know, “What’s on Your Workbench?”

One thought on “American Civil War Naval Battle of New Orleans

  1. That’s flocking great Pat!

    Looking forward to seeing this new game board gracing out local events.


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