Dollar Store Finds

I came across these wooden pallets in the craft section at Dollar Tree recently. They are designed as wall hangings with a thick twine attached that I subsequently removed (and then spun into piles of rope).

Just seemed like they would be perfect for a wharf or dock to be used with my 25mm pirates. They can double up as rafts or sections of a pontoon bridge as well.

Here we have a few 25mm pirate figures to give you a sense of scale.

Expect to see these dock sections in an upcoming Limeys & Slimeys game later this year!

2 thoughts on “Dollar Store Finds

  1. Love it Kev!

    Lookin’ forward to seeing these featured on your tabletop….and those rope coils too.

    1. Thanks Dave!

      Much appreciated!!

      I will have to post some pics of the rope coils over the weekend. I think they came out okay as well for scatter terrain on the wharf sections above.

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