Miniature Market Manchester Relocation

Regarding the relocation of Miniature Market Manchester. This is what we know.

1). The Big Muddy February Monthly Game Day has been cancelled. We are working with the GMs to reschedule these games into April and May.

2). The Semi Regular Retirees Games for Thursdays have relocated to the Miniature Market Cave Springs Store until further notice. Games start at noon.

3). The March Monthly Game Day will take place on Saturday 3/23 at the Cave Springs Miniature Market.

4). We have NO official announcement as to the new location of the store at this time.

5). We have been advised by Miniature Market that we will be updated regarding scheduling.

6). When we have more official information we will post it to this website and to our Facebook Page.

7). The following was posted on Miniature Markets Facebook page on Friday 2/23.

“We understand the current frustration about the status of our second retail location.  Please know that we are still planning to reopen in a new location, and are working hard to find what works best for both ourselves, and our customers.  Follow along on our Retail Facebook page and Retail Happenings emails for more updates.

Questions can be directed to

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Director Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St. Louis

2 thoughts on “Miniature Market Manchester Relocation

  1. You can bump my In Her Majesty’s Name game from March to April if necessary to reschedule games that were cancelled.

    Glenn “Zorro” Wilson

    1. Glenn,
      That is very generous of you to offer. If it should become necessary I will get with you as soon as I know something. Right now everything looks to be on track for March as planned.

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