Semi Regular Retirees Game 01/18/24 LaSalle

A big thanks to Kurt for putting on this LaSalle game with all those great looking 6mm troops. One really gets a nice feel for the scope of the era. 

The Allies (Tim, Craig, Steve & Kevin) faced off against the French (Pat, Mark, Steve & Greg) as we explored the actions of the Napoleonic Wars. The forces closed fairly rapidly and engaged in bombardment, volleys and eventually melee which generally went in the favor of the French up and down the field.

Tim had some great luck as the Russians on the right, but was hampered by some poor decision making of his overall commander Kevin as he likely could have cracked the French left. The day went to the tricolor, but we will certainly meet again on the field of honor. 

From Craig Schummaker 

I normally would not comment on a game, however, I believe it was mainly that the dice favored the French,  It happens.  Steve lost 3units (2 cav & a battery) Craig lost two Hungarian line units, and Tim lost 3 units ( 2 cav and a battery).

While the French lost but one line unit.  All of the Austrian charges ended in disaster. Even when they had plusses to their die rolls. The French did nothing exceptional except win the battle. The Austrians also did nothing note worthy Still was an interesting and enjoyable game. All players seemed to enjoy the game play.  Have played once, a lot of things have come to light. The new bees would likely do things differently and give a better account of themselves in any future match up. 

If you get a chance give it a try.

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