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 Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St. Louis

 Volume 6 Issue #02  (February 2024)

Winter is upon us and what a better way to stay warm than by rolling some dice with friends at…..


February Game Day


Saturday 02/03/24 11am


Miniature Market Retail Superstore

 13380 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63131

Has been CANCELLED as our hosts move into and prepare their new location. We are working with our Game Masters to reschedule the planned scenarios for later in the Spring. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Have you checked out our website? 


Recent After Action Reports

AARs & pics were posted to the Facebook Page and website, but for those who may have missed them here we go…

A Bridge Too Far – Poland 1939

 (Bolt Action game played Dec 10, 2023) 

by John Nozka

The Polish Army decided to defend the bridge near Schrimm, Poland. It was the main stone bridge in the region that could support the expected German Wehrmacht advance. A Polish infantry squad and machine gun team were sent here a couple of days ago to prepare defensive positions. Now as they manned their positions about mid-morning, the rumble of German motorcycles could be heard coming down the road. Everyone tensed up. Soon a squad of German Kradschutzen approached rapidly down the road. As they approached the bridge, the Polish infantry squad opened up on them. The Kradschutzen quickly maneuvered away from the incoming fire and took up a position behind a nearby field fence. As the newly arriving Polish engineer troops approached the bridge to set their demolition charges, they were shot at by a German anti-tank rifle (ATR) team hoping to scare them away from their task. But the shots missed and the engineer team set their charges. As the engineer squad withdrew from the bridge, they set off the charges but only managed to damage the bridge and not demolish it. Soon, a newly arrived TKS tankette shot at and eliminated the German ATR team that had shot at the engineers. Soon afterwards, a Polish ATR team shot at an approaching German SdKfz 222 armored car coming down the road and managed to immobilize it while still a good distance from the bridge. The immobilized SdKfz 222 took aim at 2ndLieutenant Czarny’s HQ team out in the open and killed one of his runners. Opel mounted German infantry made their way down the road near the bridge and dismounted from their Opel. Barely had they dismounted when mortar shells came crashing down around them, killing a soldier and pinning the unit. A pinned Polish engineer unit near the bridge finally broke under the pressure (FUBAR morale check) and ran away from the bridge and incoming German fire. The dismounted German infantry unit, that was previously shelled by the mortar, managed to make it to the bridge before being fired upon by the Polish infantry squad by the bridge, killing three German soldiers. The unit broke and ran after this encounter. Meanwhile, several German units tried to cross a footbridge downstream on the main road bridge. They were engaged by an entrenched Polish machine gun team. While not suffering any casualties, it slowed their advance across the bridge. The Geemans eventual killed one of the machine gun crew. At this point, two Polish tankettes veered off in the direction of the footbridge to support the machine gun team. The Germans managed to cross the footbridge and make it to the edge of the forest before the battle was concluded.

Epilogue: The battle had whittled both sides down considerably, but continued German reinforcements would force the Poles to retreat as the bridge was not destroyed and they could not maintain their positions.

ReindeerWars 12/26/23 – 12/29/23

We celebrated the 43rd Anniversary of Reindeer Wars with a four day gaming fest at Miniature Market Retail Superstore on Manchester Road.

Leading off the festivities was 6mm Napoleonics using LaSalle rules with Kurt Linke as our GM.

The Allies made up of Austrians, Russians & Bavarians took to the field to face off against an entrenched French force guarding the only bridge across an important river.

It was up to the Allies to force the bridge and they made a valiant attempt attacking from both wings and the center. The French heavily outnumbered but with a better quality of troops did some serious damage to the approaching Austrians (Left) and Russians (Center). It was the Bavarians (Right) with a strong cavalry contingent that made the most progress early on for the allies breaking the French Left flank and starting to roll up the entrenchments near the bridge.

In the end luck was not with the Allies and French reinforcements arriving on both wings sealed the fate of the Allied cause. The day went to the TriColor Flag but while the French held it was at a heavy cost to their command with several artillery & infantry units no longer on the roster.

Wednesday at Reindeer Wars we made a trip to Ukraine in this representation of the conflict in 2014 between Separatists and the Ukrainian Army.

Both sides had a rough road to go as the battle over the crossroads developed. The Separatists started holding the field but were soon greeted by the approaching Ukrainians.

The losses were high on both sides as the battle developed.

Overall a great game with a great looking table. Our Thanks to Dave Schaffner for presenting this scenario at Reindeer Wars 2023.

Dave shares his After Action report and photos with insights as to how he saw the game develop …..

“This game played out differently, and could be characterized as a tale of two fights – the initial reconnaissance was hit hard by fire from the DNR platoon dug in at the crossroad position (with good Separatist activations occurring early in the turn sequencing). Then following the initial ‘shock’ of these losses, the Ukranian players responded well to recover, and continue on with their scouting mission – “END – FIRST CONTACT” chapter.”

“Next in the scenario, was basically the Ukrainian main body forces needing to reduce the crossroad opposition, while also responding to a new threat as an arriving ‘DNR’ (aka Russian) reinforcing column began entering the area – this beginning the second portion of the game – “THE MEETING ENGAGEMENT” chapter.”

“In this fighting, the commander of the remaining, supporting T-64 was able to gain a good overwatch position, to interdict the avenues of approach of the arriving Russian armor. Assisted by early activation opportunities, this allowed the Ukrainian team to defeat the reinforcing Russian elements – “END – FINAL ACTION” chapter, and “MATCH”.“

“I really enjoyed hosting this scenario again, and seeing it well-played as the action unfolded (and to relate here the story told).” And we Thank You, Dave for running such an interesting scenario.

Thursday 12/28 was our third day of Reindeer Wars and we hit it with a bang featuring two great games!

Steve Lowry brought out the big figs and buildings for this recreation of the Battle of Trenton from the American War of Independence. He tells us the story here…..

Reindeer Games After Action Report – December 28, 2023 Battle of Trenton 1776 Bigger Battle Rules (squad level Fistful of Lead)

We fought the Battle of Trenton with 288 Americans and 192 Hessians in 54 mm (1/32) scale.  The victory conditions were one point for the Hessians for every Hessian figure that got to the bridge over the creek and for the Americans one point for every Hessian that was killed or captured.  The Americans won because only 42 Hessians got away.  We had played the scenario previously and made a few changes to it as the Hessians won that earlier game.  The changes included increasing the play area by 50% and giving the Americans another battery of artillery.   We are playing the scenario again at the O’Fallon Fantasy shop on January 3.

The Americans hit the town from the north and east, trapping the Hessians against the creek and causing the race to the bridge.  Some Hessians made valiant last stands and others fought a vigorous withdrawal but American numbers and artillery determined the outcome.   Thanks to our five players, especially to Pat when his Hessian partner had to leave and he was determined to fight on despite a very tough situation.

Our second game was a reprise of John Nozka’s Bolt Action “A Bridge Too Far-Poland 1939” from our Warlord Games Day earlier in December.

In the end the day went to the German team, but not before the Poles inflicted some serious losses. The bridge was intact but damaged by the Sappers and the Poles were forced to fall back.

Our fourth and final day of Reindeer Wars 2023 was on Friday 12/29 and featured a game of American Civil War Ironclads as the Union Navy attempted to force their way past Confederate defenses south of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Steve Lowry treated us to this slightly modified historical event using his hand made 1/1200 ships and Iron & Fire rules.

It was up to the Union Navy to force the issue and the Confederates were ready for them with a well prepared deployment and forts on either side of a partially blocked river channel.

In the end it was declared a draw which likely leaned towards a minor victory for the Rebels.

Semi Regular Retirees Game 01/04/24 Nimitz.

by Kevin Fitzpatrick

It was a big battle for our first Retirees Game of the new year at Miniature Market Retail Superstore as we paid a visit to the Leyte Gulf and a hypothetical clash between the USN and their Japanese counterparts.

Taffy 3 was at the center of the board to start with the fast approaching IJN Task Force headed by the behemoth Battleship Yamato. The thin hulled CVE’s beat as hasty a retreat as possible while the courageous escorting DE’s and DDs headed into the fray to do what they could to protect the carriers. Our scenario rules allowed for a bit of US aircraft participation based upon the number rolled on 1D6 by the US. A 6 was required to get a hit and then only a Critical could be scored. Luck did favor the USN a couple of turns with the airstrikes doing a bit of damage here and there, taking a couple of ships out of the charge.

Overall a well fought game by both sides. Fortune seemed to favor the Yanks in this game as not only numbers but the dice rolls seemed to be going their way. Thanks to the IJN players Steve, Greg & Keith, The US Players Kurt, Mark & Pat and to Steve L for putting the scenario together for an interesting and engaging afternoon.

January Game Day 01/06/24 

The overnight snow did nothing to deter our stalwart Game Masters and Players from coming out to our January Game Day which ended with a happy group of miniature enthusiasts looking forward to our next meeting in February.

Dave Schaffner guided his players through the Stephanivka Crossroads battle of 2014 in Ukraine with his expertly crafted game table and scenario telling us…..

 “Saturday we engaged once again around the Stepanivka Crossroads, in the Doneskt Oblast of eastern Ukraine- with veteran gamers Sam and Mark trekking all the way down from northern Missouri to play, and Bryson, Chris, and Nathan heading up the local, new crop of recent area enthusiasts that regularly attend our monthly events now.  This time the Separatist and Russian team shared a victory.  Fresh gamer Nathan totally immersed himself in the scenario setting, and I was heartened to see him and Mark strategizing over their situation map as they worked together to create their plan of action (reminded me of times long past when doing the same with buds like Adam J., and Ken S.).  All in all, Saturday’s event was well attended (again – very rewarding for the presenters, and hopefully for the attendees). Dave” 

Pat Lewis presented his 3D version of GMTs Plains Indian Wars which saw the Native Americans come out on top by just a few points.

Tim Lalk took his players back to Ancient Rome with the battle of Asculum with superbly painted 15mm figures.

Tim shares his thoughts….

“On January 6th, 2024 the Battle Of Asculum was refought at Miniature Market.  The Greek army of Pyrrhus was led by Dan, Mark, and Rick.” 

“The Roman commanders were Richard, Craig, and Chet.”

“In the early stages of the game the Greeks (on the right in the picture) decide on a defensive posture to gain the uphill advantage in combat and on the right of their battle line send out light horse and the elephants to probe the Roman left.  Skirmishers are also sent down the heights to disrupt the Roman center.  The Romans march forward slowly adjusting their lines for a tactic not yet revealed.  Meanwhile, on the Roman right horsemen move around the woods causing the Greeks to react there”.  

As the Romans approached there was fierce fighting in the center by determined skirmishers, slingers, and bowmen. Many of these under-appreciated fighters died.  In the photo below we can see the Greeks deployed in their famous “lazy S” defense.   Also note that Consul Richard has raised his baton  to signal the grand charge of the Roman battle line.”

“The Roman tactics are now made clear:  shift the Roman Princepes and Hastati, their best attacking units, to hit the Greek allied spear and not the more formidable Macedonian and Epirote Phalanx of pike.  The Roman right also initiated an attack to dissuade a flanking maneuver by the Greeks.  The Greek center received a hail of thousands of javelins causing disruptions in several units which were then attacked by pila hurling Romans.”  “Note the green markers denoting disrupted units who have been pushed back from the edge of the heights.  Although the Greek battle line was close to being broken they still had their most dominant units available on the flanks.  Once these units engaged it would just be a matter of fighting to exhaustion.  Unfortunately real life inserted itself and players had to leave.  I thought all of them did well in learning the rules and adopting good tactics.  Thank you players as I had a very enjoyable time with you.”

Chris Ketcherside provided a vision of the Old West with The Battle of The Little Big Horn using Command and Colors rules which saw another win for the Native Americans.

Chris tells us in his AAR,

“History repeated itself along the Little Big Horn River today with a massive Indian victory.  The 7th Cav marched off with a  good plan and solid horsemanship, but could not get the rolls to make use of their firepower, which they really needed.

    Todays game was really a beta test and everyone had some really good, solid input to improve the game but thought it was worth working on.  Thanks to everyone who played it for me today!“

Tom Vielott & Kurt Linke combined to run Wings of Glory teaching new players the ropes of this game system.

Our sincere Thank You to the great GMs who presented our players with some fascinating scenarios to enjoy, the Players , the visitors who came out to enjoy the day with friends and to Nick and the Great Staff of Miniature Market who as always are helpful and supportive. We look forward to seeing you all again on Saturday February 3rd for our next Big Muddy Monthly Game Day!

Wednesday Gaming at Tuscon, AZ with the Javelina Flight Group – Black Seas

by Fred Coe

Three sides, sorta.  British, Spanish, and French.  The French had a small squadron, with several merchants.  They were all at anchor in their harbor.  The Spanish and Brits had orders to keep the French bottled up.  They were also to attempt to seize any merchants they could.  The Spanish (Henry) and Brits (me), decided early on that capturing a merchant would be tough as long as the French combat vessels (Jerry) were there to contest our actions.  The merchants were armed (Dan) and the harbor had several fortifications with canons (also Dan).  It turned in to quite a melee mostly due to the wind (on shore) limiting the French movement options, and the incredible number of critical hits being rolled.  Particularly the ‘Rudder Hit’, and ‘Quarter Deck’ critical hits.  Although ‘Gun Deck’ hits also played havoc with the best laid plans.  I think you’ve played, but to refresh your memory, ‘Rudder Hits’ cause the ship to be uncontrollable and unpredictable for a turn.  ‘Quarter Deck’ hits the require the ship to not make any turns or speed changes for the next turn.  ‘Gun Deck’ hits reduce the number of guns for a turn.  Other critical hits are ‘Crew’ minimum effect on game play.  ‘Structure’ which slightly increases the damage taken, and ‘Fire’ which can be very bad.  After firing commenced, almost every fire had a critical hit.  My 5th rate was closing to draw fire from the French 1st rate and ended up getting rudder hits, followed by quarter deck hits. and ended up heading away from the action and straight towards the shallow water of the harbor.  I had the foresight to slow down, and was able to avoid running aground, but was basically out of play.  I’d sent my 1st rate vessel to bottle up the French merchants, so she could take long range shots, but the merchants weren’t going to try to run by her.  My 3rd rate boat was turning to assist my 5th rate, and the Spanish squadron when she got struck with successive critical hits and ended up joining up with the 1st rate in blocking the merchants.  The Spanish squadron wasn’t as lucky.  Their critical hits that cost them control took them between the French 1st and 3rd rate ships, and gun deck hits limited their ability to return fire.  Firing at point blank range the French essentially vaporized Spain’s 5th rate.  The Spanish 3rd rater, faired slightly better right up until it didn’t.  Lost control and while the ship was hitting the rocks she was being pummeled by shore batteries.  Some splinters were seen washing ashore.  However, in one turn all three French men of war were set ablaze by the limited firepower the Brits and Spanish could bring to bear.  Fires are the one critical hit that can last more than one turn.  If it’s not put out, then more damage accrues.  If another ship (friend or foe) comes within 1″ of the burning vessel, they may catch fire.  If efforts to control the fire are unsuccessful there is a chance(a roll of a natural 1 on a D6) the fire spreads to the ship’s magazine and boom.  Then any ship within 4 inches check to see if they catch fire.  Today, however, all the French ships were able to control the fires on the first try (darn it!).  In the end, Britian lost no ships.  Spain lost two ships.  The French lost one merchant, and a 3rd rate.  The French 5th rate had struck it’s colors.  The French 1st rate was badly damaged, but still in the fight.  

It was a fun game.  First time the group (it was only my second game) had to deal with fire, and ships running aground.  Also, shore batteries, and ships starting from anchor.  We played for five hours, and after 4:00 PM we had quite a group of spectators.  We’re going to try again next week.

Semi Regular Retirees Game 01/11/24 – Armada

Keith, Pat, Steve, (The Humans), Tim, Kurt and Kevin (The Orcs) gathered today to learn the ins and outs of the Armada fantasy age of sail rules system hosted by Greg. The players found the rules to be simple and straightforward but containing subtle nuances that will surely be expanded upon in future games as the various fantasy races are involved.

The game ended in an Orc victory with one ship lost and several with some serious damage. The Humans faired less well this time but we are sure they will be back again to claim glory on the High Seas! Good to see all the participants and the folks that stopped by to visit.

Thursday Gaming in Tucson, AZ with the Javelina Flight – Black Seas

by Fred Coe

Pirates (Otter) with two brigs and a frigate were attempting to seize a couple of merchants (Dan).  While a pair of British (Me) brigs, and a pair of French (Henry) brigs came sailing to the rescue.  Meanwhile, a pair of British men of war (Jerry) were at anchor in a neutral harbor.  The last ships were able to weigh anchor as soon as the shooting started.  If the pirates were foolish enough to come in range of the shore batteries (also Jerry) they would likely be clobbered.  Dan, having forgotten the rules, was given the merchants by default.  

Initially, the pirates were able to quickly close with the merchants.  They did some minor damage, but succeeded in jamming a merchant’s rudder.  The British brigs (me) poured on the sail and quickly closed.  One of my brigs was pretty well by stern racking fire from a pirate brig.  My return fire was ineffective.  The next turn was interesting.  The pirate frigate had closed to the merchant with the jammed rudder.  I had been deploying my two brigs into a line, but had to maneuver to avoid collision with the merchant.  This turned out to be fortunate.  My two brigs got the pirate frigate in a crossfire.  One had a bow rake, the other a stern rake.  A French brig added to the carnage, and finally the target merchant got in a lick.  The pirate frigate struck it’s colors and the game was essentially over.  For rules familiarization, one of the French brigs boarded the pirate frigate.  The remaining pirate brigs got the weather gauge and were outrunning the British men of war.  However, the British and French brigs would have been able to box them in.  We called the game at this point.

Semi Regular Retirees Game 01/18/24 LaSalle

A big thanks to Kurt for putting on this LaSalle game with all those great looking 6mm troops. One really gets a nice feel for the scope of the era. 

The Allies (Tim, Craig, Steve & Kevin) faced off against the French (Pat, Mark, Steve & Greg) as we explored the actions of the Napoleonic Wars. The forces closed fairly rapidly and engaged in bombardment, volleys and eventually melee which generally went in the favor of the French up and down the field. Tim had some great luck as the Russians on the right, but was hampered by some poor decision making of his overall commander Kevin as he likely could have cracked the French left. The day went to the tricolor, but we will certainly meet again on the field of honor. 

From Craig Schummaker 

I normally would not comment on a game, however, I believe it was mainly that the dice favored the French,  It happens.  Steve lost 3units (2 cav & a battery) Craig lost two Hungarian line units, and Tim lost 3 units ( 2 cav and a battery).

While the French lost but one line unit.  All of the Austrian charges ended in disaster. Even when they had plusses to their die rolls. The French did nothing exceptional except win the battle. The Austrians also did nothing note worthy Still was an interesting and enjoyable game. All players seemed to enjoy the game play.  Have played once, a lot of things have come to light. The new bees would likely do things differently and give a better account of themselves in any future match up. 

If you get a chance give it a try.


 by Kevin Fitzpatrick

As we begin this new year of 2024 we note that several of our 

gaming community are facing some significant health challenges. 

We ask that you keep them in your thoughts as we wish 

positive outcomes for them all. With that in mind it is always a good idea to exercise patience with our fellow gamers. The hobby can be to some a competitive endeavor but it is important to remember that the person across the table may be dealing with health or other issues that they choose to keep private. Our hobby is a variety of things and different to each of us, but it is in the end just a game. 

Covid and Flu Season

Just a reminder that the seasonal flu shots are available and that taking care of yourself and family is always a good idea. The new variant of Covid has also affected several of our community.

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Pat Lewis who creates those magnificent game boards which we all enjoy has shared with us his favorite foam cutter that helps him in the development of the fabulous eye candy. https://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Mini-Electric-Foam-Cutter/dp/B071RRL63S/ref=asc_df_B071RRL63S/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=219682717104&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=16142115515075819008&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1020183&hvtargid=pla-396482353892&psc=1&mcid=6c9ca83159e53270b55b41ade2be2ba8&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsobL99DMgwMVsE5HAR3F5AqZEAQYDiABEgLJUPD_BwE

Big Muddy Game Days 2024 

A Big Thank You to the GMs that have stepped forward to offer us a fine selection of gaming opportunities. 

In the first quarter of the new year look for Armada – fantasy fleet actions, 25mm American Revolutionary War, Wings of Glory, All Quiet on The Martian Front, In Her Majesty’s Name and much more!

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Big Muddy Game Days 2024

Feburary 3, 2024 (CANCELLED games are being rescheduled)


American War of Independence

The First Day Poland 1939 – Luftwaffe 46

Star Wars Legion

Three Musketeers – And One For All!

March 2, 2024

All Quiet on the Martian Front

In Her Majesty’s Name

Sicily 1943

American War of Independence

Steam Punk Naval or Wings of Glory WW1

April 6, 2024

Table One Bolt Action Poland 1939

Table Two Battle Masters

Table Three Unassigned

Table Four Unassigned

Table Five Three Musketeers – And One For All!.

May 4, 2024

Table One Pike & Shotte

Table Two The First Day Poland 1939 – Luftwaffe 46

Table Three Unassigned

Table Four Unassigned

Table Five Overflow Unassigned

May 31  June 2 — Barracks Battles @ DieCon

Bunker Hill – Black Powder

Poland 1939 – Luftwaffe 46

Three Musketeers – And All For One! 

Smugglers Run – Limeys & Slimeys

Pike & Shotte 

Wings of Glory WWI

July 6, 2024

The Battle of The Chippewa

Table Two Unassigned

Table Three Unassigned

Table Four Unassigned

Table Five Overflow Unassigned

August 3, 2024

Table One Assigned TBA

Table Two Unassigned

Table Three Unassigned

Table Four Unassigned

Table Five Overflow Unassigned

September 7, 2024

The Battle of Westerplatte 85th Anniversary – Bolt Action

Table Two Unassigned

Table Three Unassigned

Table Four Unassigned

Table Five Overflow Unassigned

October 4-6, 2024 Archon

October 5, 2024

Table One Unassigned

Table Two Unassigned

Table Three Unassigned

Table Four Unassigned

Table Five Overflow Unassigned

November 2, 2024

Command Con Lite

December 7, 2024

Table One Unassigned

Table Two Unassigned

Table Three Unassigned

Table Four Unassigned

Table Five Overflow Unassigned

Reindeer Wars 2024

Dates to be Determined

Note: April & May Game Days off a great opportunity to run through those scenarios that you are planning for Barracks Battles @ Die Con in June. Don’t fail to take advantage of that opportunity. July & August Game Days are likewise a great chance to reprise a game from Barracks Battles to a new audience. September & October just like April & May offer a chance to preview & tweak a game for Command Con Lite in November. 

Tables for our monthly game days are going fast with February – March filled at this time.  We have slots for April & May and a bit of flexibility for the earlier months. 

 Contact director@bmhga.com to submit a game. 

Semi Regular Retirees Email List

Want to be on the email list for our weekly laid back Thursday gathering? Just send a message to 

info@bmhga.com and we will add you to the list. 

You don’t need to be retired to join in. 

Regional Convention News:

Conventions that will see participation by Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance -St. Louis  are listed in bold.

Winter War: 2024, Champaign, IL winterwar.org 

Gamicon: 2024, Cedar Rapids, IA https://tabletop.events/conventions/gamicon-germanium  

CincyCon: 2024, Hamilton, OH cincycon.org 

AdeptiCon: 2024 Schaumberg, IL https://www.adepticon.org

March to Victory: 2024 Blue Springs, MO https://www.marchtovictory.net/

Little Wars 2024 Naperville, IL  hmgsmidewest.com  

CODCON XXVII: 2024, Glen Ely, IL  https://www.codcon.com  

Heroicon: 2024  Decatur, IL https://tabletop.events/conventions/heroicon-2023

Border Wars: 2024 , Overland Park, KS http://www.hahmgs.org/

DieCon 2024: Gateway Convention Center, Collinsville, IL https://www.diecon.com

Origins: 2024 Columbus, OH https://www.originsgamefair.com/

Twisted Lords Con:, 2024 Midwest City, OK http://www.twistedlordscon.com/

Gen Con 2024: Indianapolis, IN https://www.gencon.com/indy

HistoriKC Fest Kansas City: Overland Park, KS .https://historikcfest.com/faq/

Nashcon: 2024 Nashville, TN  https://www.nashcon.org

Autumn Wars 2024 //tabletop.events/conventions/autumn-wars-2023

Archon 47: Gateway Convention Center, Collinsville, Illinois http://www.archonstl.org/

Advance the Colors: 2024, Columbus, OH  https://www.hmgsgl.org/advance-the-colors

Siege of Vicksburg 2024: Vicksburg, TN siegeofvicksburg.org 

Advance the Colors: October 2024, Columbus, OH  https://www.hmgsgl.org/advance-the-colors

Siege of Vicksburg: Vicksburg, TN siegeofvicksburg.org 

Rock-Con: Rockford, IL https://www.rock-con.com 

Command Con Lite Miniature Market Retail Superstore 13380 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63131

Local Gaming Events Calendar: 

This information is also available on our website just use the Calendar of Events button on the right hand side. 

Remember to be inviting to passers-by at public events. Let’s share our hobby with those who might find it of interest. 


02/07:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

02/07:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

02/14:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

02/14:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

02/15:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market TBA

02/21:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

02/21:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

02/22:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market TBA

02/28:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

02/29:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

02/29:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market TBA

And Beyond…..

03/02:  Big Muddy Game Day: Miniature Market 11am

03/06:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

03/06:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

03/07:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market 11am

03/13:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

03/13:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

03/14:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market 11am

03/18:  StL Historical Gaming Society – Miniature Mrkt 10am.

03/20:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

03/20:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

03/21:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market 11am

03/27:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

03/27:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

03/28:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market 11am

04/03:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

04/03:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

04/04:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market 11am

04/06:  Big Muddy Game Day: Miniature Market 11am

04/10:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

04/10:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

04/11:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market 11am

04/17:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

04/17:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

04/18:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market 11am

04/20:  StL Historical Gaming Society – Miniature Mrkt 10am.

04/24:  Wednesday Night Gaming: Fantasy Books & Games 6pm

04/24:  Gaslands: Miniature Market St. Peter’s 5:30pm

04/25:  Semi Regular Retirees: Miniature Market 11am

For all of the above events listed remember that you do not need to bring along anything to play as all items necessary will be on the table and ready to go.


If you have any suggestions for 

Dispatches of The Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St. Louis 

our Facebook Page, Website or know of someone who would like to be included in our email listings please feel free to let us know. The contact information is at the end of this newsletter.

To have your event listed please email


no later than the 20th of the month preceding the event

While we strive to be as accurate as is possible all events listed are subject to last minute changes, substitutions and/or cancellations.

Website & Facebook Page

Are the places to check for the latest updates & news in our area.

Have you checked out our website? 


Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St. Louis (BMHGA) strives to support and build the historical gaming hobby in the St. Louis Metro Area “By demonstration, presentations at conventions, schools. libraries, and other events, where the theme includes military or gaming.

For further information email: info@bmhga.com

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