Semi Regular Retirees Game 01/24/24 – Leyte Gulf – Nimitz

 The skies in the South Pacific were certainly better than what we had outdoors locally for our Semi Regular Retirees Game on Thursday. A big thank you to those attending Tim Lalk, Steve Treatman and Pat Lewis (The IJN), Kurt Linke, Mark Johnson & Greg Dieckhaus (The USN) and especially to Steve Lowry who brought the ships & scenario. 

Here we see the IJN Team finishing their set up. Taffy 3 is in the center of the board and the US relief force is steaming to their aid.

     The Leyte Gulf was alive with action as Taffy 3 (Greg) tried to make good it’s escape from the clutches of the Japanese Cruisers & Destroyers fast approaching with it’s DDs, DEs & Air groups fighting as hard as they could to protect the CVE’s. The first into the fray scored some good hits on the unlucky IJN Cruiser Suzuya (Steve Treatman) knocking our main gun mounts and generally getting in the way. The IJN returned the favor as soon as they could with long range shots at the small boys from their cruisers with Tim, Pat & Steve lobbing shells at the escorts. Dice were not in favor of the Japanese forces as they only seemed to be finding one’s on their rolls. 

Mark measures the range from his US heavy cruisers, while Steve maneuvers his cruiser forces while Tim studies the action.

      Kurt (USN Light Cruisers) and Mark (USN Heavies) were racing with their escorts to engage the enemy and landed some good hits when in range. Mark’s column of cruisers did see one of their lot succumb to the greetings of a 24″ Long Lance which packed some wallop and a good roll by Tim. 

Pat moves his cruisers to get in range.

Greg works to extricate Taffy 3 while Steve & Pat do their darnedest to prevent that from happening.

Kurt brings in his light cruisers and destroyers while Mark prepares to fire his salvos.

In the end it was likely a US victory as Taffy 3 was almost certain to escape. The American Navy would pay a price for protecting the CVE’s with the loss of several destroyers and cruisers.

This was the last Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St. Louis game at Miniature Market Manchester before the store is relocated and as we bid a fond farewell to this spacious gaming room we look forward to joining our gracious hosts at their soon to be announced new location.

One thought on “Semi Regular Retirees Game 01/24/24 – Leyte Gulf – Nimitz

  1. Looks like a great game!

    Sounds like a great rules system for surface action games.

    Glenn “Zorro” Wilson

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