Semi Regular Retirees Game 02/15/24 – Nimitz – Leyte Gulf

  it was some hot action today at MM Cave Springs as the IJN (Tom, Greg & Pat) poured on the coal to chase down Taffy 3 before the USN (Steve T, Kurt & Steve L) could make good their rescue and escape of the beleaguered CVEs & escorts. 

    The IJN split into three groups with Tom having the fast battle cruisers on the right, Greg in the middle with the Nagato & Yamato and Pat on the left in order to box in the US forces no matter which way they turned. DDs rushed forward to get into range for torpedo attacks brushing aside the close escorts of the Taffy 3 under Steve L.

       Steve T & Kurt rushed forward with their battlewagons as fast as the Pearl Harbor survivors would go and sent their DDs ahead to relieve the much battered light screening force. With the range closing quickly Kurt was able to unleash a terrific barrage at Tom’s BCs and cause some heavy damage to both them and the light cruisers in his force.

     Air power were not favoring the US as low numbers were rolled on the available airstrikes and even lower numbers were rolled on the hits. It seems over the several turns that only one strike found it’s way home only to cause a critical hit on a weapon the target did not have. 

     Destroyers on both sides traded blows throughout the engagement leading to many leaving the scene slipping under the waves or in one case a bright flash as a Japanese destroyer exploded. 

      In the end two of the CVEs were sunk (one by a Long Lance at long range) and one of Tom’s BCs succumbed to a torpedo attack. It was likely a hard fought draw as both sides were beat up. 

      Thanks to all the players and good to see Mark & Bill stop by for a bit. 

       Next week Greg is going to treat us to some ACW naval action with Dawn of Iron. 

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