Semi Regular Retirees Game 02/29/24 Wings of Glory WWII

We gathered at Miniature Market Cave Springs today for a trip across the unfriendly skies of WWII.

Mark Williams presented us with his modified version of WOG WWII through a Stuka attack on a target in Southern England. The Luftwaffe (Kurt L, Kevin F & Mark J) headed to the hapless target while the RAF (Steve T & Pat L) did their best to disrupt the planned strike. 

Pat & Kevin were the first to exchange “pleasantries” in a head on attack of 1 Me109 vs two Hurricanes. The German fighter hit hard but the Hurricane hit a fuel tank and caused a fire on the 109. At this point Mark arrived to take over the Stuka’s while Kurt & Steve headed straight at one another. 

Pat turned sharply to engage the dive bombers doing some damage but a lucky hit by the rear gunner of Stuka #1 returned the favor. Kevin looking hard for the fire extinguisher turned towards the flight path of the bombers while Kurt & Steve engaged in head on combat.

AA fire damaged the lead Stuka slowing it considerably while Kurt maneuvered to get behind Steve as he headed to the strike aircraft. Mark made adjustments to both altitude and speed trying to avoid collisions while Pat took what opportunities that presented themselves. Kevin continued to look for the fire extinguisher with damage racking itself up. 

Mark lined up on the target despite the ground fire while Steve made his move only to find Kurt right behind him. Scott Lester stopped by and rolled to put out the fire on Kevin’s 109 only for it to be hit for three airframe boxes when there were only two left. It was hit the silk time for one pilot. 

With some great flying by Mark the Stuka’s hit their targets while Kurt engaged Pat in a head on attack while chasing Steve. 

The game drew to a close as the Stuka’s would head home on the deck, Pat’s two Hurricanes heavily damaged, Steve somewhat out of position and Kevin drifting downwards below his silk umbrella. 

All in all an excellent outing for our group of pilots. Look for this game to be on the schedule for our March 23rd Game Day. 

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