Wednesday Night Gaming 02/28/24 British Colonial

Dave Murvihill sends in this after action report from the recent action at Fantasy Books & Games in Fairview Heights.

From: Ritchie Cunningham, captain 2/24th Regiment of Foot

To: General Blackson, Chief of Supply, Durban

Subject: Report of action on 9 June 1879


Per your orders my force invaded Catchawacko’s territory on 6 June and met his tribe in battle in front of their kraal.  I am pleased to report a victory for Her Majesty.  Our rifle fire decimated the Zulu impis, with only two out of eight withdrawing from the battlefield in good order. 

The highlanders performed up to their reputation, at one point facing down three impis in full charge. They and the NNC suffered light casualties. Unfortunately, the Naval Infantry were roughly handled when the Zulus attempted to outflank us, but successfully withdrew from the field with their wounded.

Regarding the Native cavalry, they performed much better than in April. They conducted a successful charge, then held our far flank. While I would still prefer traditional British cavalry, the NNC will make an acceptable substitute.

After the battle we searched the kraal for Her Majesty’s property, list provided separately, then burned it down. The Zulu remnants were last seen retreating to the north.

Very respectfully submitted,

Ritchie Cunningham

12 June 1879

Captain Cunningham:

Report received. Congratulations on a victory. Captain Hemsworth of the HMS Emerald states you owe him a case of scotch.


General Blackson

Dave’s Notes:

A typical battle when melee natives cross an open field against British regulars. Still, the first fire two of the British companies doubled their expected casualties, knocking two impis into critical morale.

The ambush was unexpected by the British player, but here’s a hint: when I describe terrain very carefully there’s probably a reason why. A scout on the board edge would have revealed the Zulus before they got on the British flank. 

I forgot that troops withdrawn from a lost melee were shaken and required rally, but that’s on me.

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