Semi Regular Retirees Game 03/07/24 Plains Indian Wars & Godzilla Island

It was a two-fer today at Miniature Market Cave Springs. Pat hosted his big board Plains Indian Wars with Chris K & Mark W as the Native Americans vs Kurt L & Jamie M as the settlers pushing West. My understanding from the few views I got of the game were that it was a tight one leaning at the end to the (then) home team (the natives) by a few points.

The Transcontinental Railroad was completed quickly and in fine fashion which may have lead to the natives coming out on top as the game went a few turns short of what the settlers needed to win. A big Thank You to Pat for bringing this great looking game to our Thursday gathering. 

     On our second table we had the first run through of Godzilla Island (not to be confused with Gilligan’s temporary home) using Wings of Glory WWI & Tripods & Triplanes rules. The creature acquitted himself very well against the combined efforts of first four planes in the first scenario then eight in the second game.

Thanks to Steve T, Steve L, Mark J and Bill D for playing and their suggestions as to how to make improvements to the game which will be in the family section of Barracks Battles @ DieCon May 30 – June 1, 2024.

We will warm this one up again at our coming Game Day on Saturday 3/23/24 at Miniature Market Cave Springs. 

Thanks to the fine staff of Miniature Market Cave Springs our gracious hosts.

See you all next week for Dawn of Iron! ACW naval gaming….

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