Semi Regular Retirees Game 03/14/24 Dawn of Iron

 There was no pie to be had for our 3/14 outing at Miniature Market Cave Springs, but the gaming action was fast and furious. It was a rematch of our previous Dawn of Iron scenario by Greg D and this one proved to be just as challenging. The action started with the CSA (Steve T, Mark J & Tom S) coming on the table to make a break across the Union defenses of obstructions, shore batteries, and floating torpedoes (mines) heading to open water. Our gallant Union team of (Pat L, Steve Lowry & Bill D) headed into battle to prevent such an occurrence. 

      Luck initially favored the Union as a Confederate torpedo boat was sunk at the booms by some well place shots and things were looking good until the Rebel ironclads crossed the apparently water soaked floating mines with no damage incurred. Combined with some good solid hits from the forts that just bounced off their armor things took on a less cheerful note. Tom was up to his excellent usual dice rolling and scored some good hits on the Union craft. The boys in blue had less good luck with the cubic random number generators as Steve L will attest placing 4 straight spar torpedoes against Tom’s immobilized ship only to roll a series of “1s”. 

    The battle wrapped up with two of the Confederates escaping off the board and carrying their team to victory. They did lose all their torpedo launches, a tug and one ironclad. The US lost a couple of TimberClads along with other ships sustaining some heavy damage. 

A look at one of the ship cards used for the game.

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