March Game Day 03/23/24

It has been a good slice of time since our last monthly game day. Scheduling has been a challenge with the issues surrounding the Miniature Market Manchester relocation. Our stalwart GMs were not to be deterred and with the superb cooperation of the Staff of Miniature Market Cave Springs we were able to put together a superb event that was well attended by the members of our gaming community.

Leading off the line up was Mark Williams’ modified version of Wings of Glory WWII in a Battle of Britain scenario seeing a flight of Stuka dive bombers on a delivery mission in the UK. Me109s, Spitfires & Hurricanes all featured in the mix of the “friendly” skies.

Next in line was Dave Schaffer’s “Ork Skool Gaming” scenario using and enlarged BattleMasters game which he was able to run multiple times in the course of the afternoon.

Dave reports in his AAR

At our monthly event this March, chaos reigned, as Battle Masters hit the table and waged war all afternoon.

Will P. and his friend specifically came to play, as Milton Bradley’s Battle Masters was one of their gateways into wargaming fond decades ago.  

They both split a game victory, with much ebb and flow witnessed, fortunes rising and dying as the action cards played a fickle master (along with their die-rolling too…..Will). 😉

Our Big Muddy buddy Warren, who arrived late to the shop, having traveled a couple hours to attend the event, was happy to see Battle Masters keying up for its third go-around.

I even got to play the fourth game…….there was much March Madness, and good times!

Next up to bat was Tim Lalk’s Napoleonic Skirmish using Fist Full of Lead rules as multiple groups of Austrians, French and Hungarians all tried to complete their assigned missions without running afoul of the other players goals and musketry.

Batting clean up was Burt Campbell’s Martians on the Marne scenario using All Quiet on the Martian Front Rules. We understand that it was a tough day to be an alien as the Kaiser’s troops when they were not shooting at the French were rolling some impossible to repeat dice against the visiting team from outer space.

All in all a great game day and we are back on track. Hope to see you all at our weekly games on both sides of the Big Muddy (check the calendar) and at our upcoming monthly events in April.

These guys are pausing their advance to check their onboard computers about upcoming Big Muddy events.

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