Semi Regular Retirees Game 03/28/24 The Battle of Concord

We time shifted a bit today from the planned Battle of Bunker Hill to the Battle of Concord, but nevertheless a great run through of Warlord’s Black Powder rules. A big Thank You to Ed Gray for presenting a fun afternoon of table top gaming as we refreshed ourselves with this fast playing system.

The British Command (Steve T and Kevin F in the first game) came across the bridge to clear out the Rebels (Steve L and Bill D) from the quiet hamlet and secure any caches of arms that might pose problems to the Soldiers of the Crown.

Initial deployment by Steve T went well with his regulars and leading company of Tories but Kevin’s forcers were less interested in joining the battle with rolls exceeding their command rating.

The first game went quickly as the colonists rolled exceptionally well and having back to back turns due to a good initiative roll pretty well cleared the field of the to lead British units.

We re-set and switched sides with similar results in game two.

In game three we toned down the militia units shooting capability retaining first fire for the colonial side and things came to a much more balanced conclusion.

Again a big Thank You to Ed for giving us a preview of his game for the upcoming Barracks Battles @ DieCon. As always our appreciation to the folks at Miniature Market – Cave Springs for graciously hosting our events.

The end of game three with Tories & Colonists facing off in a close range shooting match.

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