Wednesday Night Gaming 03/27/24 OverDrive

Tom Vielott sends in an After Action Report of his Overdrive Mech Combat Game held at Fantasy Books & Games in O’Fallon, IL.

“On a nameless planet, in a nameless conflict, northern and southern pilots drove their giant robots into battle. Each player built their own robot out of the available component cards and then put them into battle.

“It was the first time out building robots (we had previously played once or twice with pre-built ones) and to my delight it did not take very long for everyone to figure out the system for doing so.” 

“That said, our fearless pilots learned some valuable lessons about the need to build countermeasures into their robots. Several of them could not stop lucky shots to their core compartments and were taken out of the fight almost immediately. In general, the robots did not make very good use of cover, instead running at each other and blazing away in the middle of the road. The fight was therefore bloody and short, with relatively little maneuvering. Though one of the southern pilots heroically held on until literally every part of their robot was blown off, in the end, the last survivors were the two northerners who concealed themselves behind the woods to take shots at opportune times.”

Thanks to Tom for this great game description and photos. Be sure to catch up with the group at Fantasy Books & Games that play each week. Everything needed to play is provided just show up and have a good time.

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