Semi Regular Retirees Game 04/11/24 Wings of Glory Battle of Britain

  I was a day of some twisting and turning above the English countryside as the Brits (Pat L & Greg D) in their Spitfires faced off against the Luftwaffe (Steve T & Tom S) in Mark William’s modified Wings of Glory.

The sides moved pretty much straight at each other in the first pass but soon the maneuvering of the sides really came into view. Guns blazed at both short and long ranges with all sorts of damage being inflicted on the fragile craft. 

     The Spits benefited from their tight turning radius, the 109s from their centerline cannon. Pat soon found himself leaking fuel and at one point on fire after Steve scored a solid hit.

Tom flying across the board to assist Steve paid dearly for the effort losing one of his planes.

At the game wrapped up with fuel gauges heading toward E and ammunition bins depleted almost all of the aircraft were much worse for wear. 

Thanks to Mark for presenting this fun scenario and to the great team at Miniature Market for the use of their tables.

One thought on “Semi Regular Retirees Game 04/11/24 Wings of Glory Battle of Britain

  1. Those games look awesome! Too bad Sunday and Thursday at those times I have unbreakable prior commitments.

    Hoping a second MM shop will overcome that.

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