Semi Regular Retirees Game 04/18/24 Dawn of Iron

Greg D offered up his Ram ‘O Rama scenario today and the Confederate Navy took full advantage of the opportunities presented with their ram bow equipped “cottonclad” riverboats.

The Union ironclads (Tom S & Steve T) sailed downstream benefitting from the current and keep in the known channel engaging at long range against the lightly armed rebels (Kurt L, Kevin F & Bill D) with their medium guns taking a toll on the lead riverboat of Kevin’s flotilla. Kurt skillfully played command cards from the anchored flagship CSS Arkansas giving some benefits to the ships that remained close to him. 

     Tom & Steve steaming full ahead in a line abreast formation came straight on looking impossible for the Rebels to stop, but a break in the formation was all that was needed by Kurt (now commanding Bill’s cottonclads) to get in the first ram and things rapidly went down hill and down stream for the Union thereafter.

This was good for the Confederates who likely couldn’t absorb too many victories like this one as the fleet was just barely above water themselves. Thanks to Pat who stopped by at the end of the battle rolling some helpful dice for the Rebels. 

      All in all a great afternoon of gaming for the group and we really appreciate Greg running this set of rules wtih his superbly painted 3D ships. 

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