April Game Day One 04/21/24

The First of our April Game Days lived up to expectations with three games full of action on the tables at Miniature Market Cave Springs.

We first stopped at the Admiral Benbow Inn for some refreshments in Tom Vielott’s well crafted skirmish scenario of Pirates, Rum and intrigue.

Scott K out maneuvered the other players with some subterfuge announcing that one of his figs was the much sought after “Flint”, allowing him to be lead away by the authorities. Only at the end of the game did we find out that Flint escaped out a side door. Tom S & Kevin F made a deal for some spices which worked out with most of their teams heading out doors or windows. Jon B came up short on his goals but we are sure that he will be at his best in a coming game.

There was a Tussle at Hanging Rock between Loyalists and Patriots in this Muskets & Tomahawks game of the American War of Independence. Lance Western & Dave Schaffner teamed up to present preview of their effort for the upcoming Barracks Battles @ DieCon 2024.

We don’t want to give too much away and there will be a few tweaks to the scenario coming up, but both David H & Eddie M gave the game high marks.

And All For One!

Rounded out the our Game Day as Scott K with the Musketeers took on Tom S leading Rochefort & the Cardinals Guard in the sleepy hamlet of St. Francois.

Again this was a preview for the upcoming convention so details are sparse, but suffice it to say that it was a tough day for the Musketeers who just slipped by with a win. The Cardinal’s men were all down but there is sure to be a rematch soon with crossed swords and musketry.

Thanks to the GMs, Players and those who stopped by to visit for a bit and of course to the fine staff at Miniature Market Cave Springs.

2 thoughts on “April Game Day One 04/21/24

  1. Good stuff on Sunday!

    Hey Kevin, something to pass along to Tom V. (just a design thought)…..as when looking over at Tom’s game on the other table from ours, I had no idea of the neat room diorama he had crafted (the walls blocked my view) –

    Could Tom modify that setup with hinged walls, that could be turned down to lay out flat on the tabletop? This would not only make the action more visible for onlookers to enjoy the game action, but easier I bet for the players to move around the room’s floor plan too?

    1. Dave,
      I will pass your thoughts on to Tom. I was likewise very impressed with the Admiral Benbow Inn. It was magnificent and I am stealing some ideas for a future Three Musketeers Game set up. Kurt mentioned that if I do, going with half size walls might be a good choice, but the hinged ones are also a good idea. I do recall Tom mentioning that this is a rather old piece of terrain from his early days of gaming so even with the line of sight challenges it is getting good use and I hope to see it again.

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