Semi Regular Retirees Game 04/25/24 One Page Rules

 It was a fun and interesting day as Kurt Linke gave us a tour of the One Page Rules system.

This “40K esq” system proved to be very easy to play once we got in a turn or two. Team Space Marines (Steve T & Tom S) grabbed the initiative and landed a few good hits on Team Orks ( Pat L, Kevin F & Steve L) left flank and then their right flank before the Ork’s got organized and moved forward.

The Space Marines had the advantage of good long range systems and good “to-hit” numbers, but gosh there were just a whole lot of those rascally Orks and when they closed the situation turned rather quickly.

Steve L smashed his truck into a Space Marine unit causing some damage and then unloaded the troopers into the fray much to the dismay of Tom S. Pat L after taking some hits from Steve S on his units made a rapid advance towards the objective on his side while Kevin F moved up the center slowly with his Outcast unit.

The arrival of OrK Air Support turned the tide for our heroes and at the end of turn four it was a narrow victory to a badly beat up Team Ork. 

All in all a most enjoyable afternoon at Miniature Market Cave Springs. A big Thanks to Kurt for introducing us to these rules and we look forward to having them on the table again soon with a fantasy based scenario if Steve L has his way. Good to see Powell H & Mark W stop by for a visit to check out the rules on their way to various appointments.

2 thoughts on “Semi Regular Retirees Game 04/25/24 One Page Rules

  1. That is too much fun – sharp-looking, and sounds like it was a hoot to play – well done!

    Btw, did Steve T. try his ‘classic’ – advance along one side of the board edge tactic (if so, sounds like it did the trick, again). :)))

    1. Dave,
      It was a great time and Yes, Steve T was slipping forward on the Space Marines right flank right along the edge of the board. Our Ork left took some pounding but held long enough for Ork Airlines to deliver some parcels in his general direction.

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