Wednesday Night Gaming 04/24/24 General Quarters 3 Leyte Gulf

Steve Lowry provides us with an After Action Report from Wednesday Night Gaming at Fantasy Books & Games in O’Fallon, IL

We had a fierce Pacific naval surface combat Wednesday night in O’Fallon. 

To accelerate the fighting, I started the ships within 50 cm of each other, well within everybody’s gun range.  I also limited the ability to make smoke to only the destroyer escorts.  We also agreed to cut the number of destroyers in half for both sides. 

The result was that two American escort carriers (Gambier Bay and Fanshaw Bay) were sunk and the Japanese battleship Nagato were sunk.  The escort carriers Kitkun Bay and White Plains were severely damaged and the Japanese battleship Haruna lost all of its main turrets. 

The Americans also lost a destroyer and destroyer escort while the Japanese lost at least a destroyer (the records are sketchy).   The Japanese decided to retire at this point, not wanting to face six American battleships with only four of their own, even if one of those was the Yamato.

All-in-all, a hard fought battle that I would have to call a draw.  

Thanks for the great game report Steve! Looks like it was some hard fought action! Be sure to check out Wednesday Night Gaming at Fantasy Books and Games in O’Fallon, IL with something on the schedule each week. Anyone looking for more information just email and we will get your request off to the right person.

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