Semi Regular Retiree’s Game 05/02/24 Nimitz

A trip to the Coast of Norway during WWII in this hypothetical scenario of a Kriegsmarine surface breakout that encounters a Royal Navy battle group supported by some American units.

The German Navy commanded by Steve T (later Mark J) and Greg D used the coastal islands as screens to make their break for the corner of the table and open sea. Their goal was to clear the immediate area and make it out towards the shipping lanes. The Allied forces (Pat L & Steve L) headed into the fray with guns blazing and dice rolling poorly initially.

The German heavy formation lead by Bismarck got a few rounds off sinking two Allied DDs before they could accomplish much and the others fired their torpedoes achieving no results. It was then up to the gunnery crews aboard the Allied ships to do the heavy lifting and slowly but surely they started find their marks.

The Germans did score a great torpedo hit taking out an Allied CA making life worse for their cause but again gunnery kept up its slow attrition of the KM naval formation. A DD lost here a turret there and the damage added up to a draw or slight Allied victory with the Bismarck leaving the table but just above limping, the Scharnhorst escaping, the Admiral Hipper damaged and the Lutzow sunk along with a couple of Destroyers. The Allied force had lost a Cruiser and two Destroyers. The Hood & King George were damaged but still in fighting trim and making full speed thus able to shadow the Scharnhorst and call for assistance.

Thanks to all the folks that played or stopped by to visit and of course the wonderful crew at Miniature Market Cave Springs.

As a special treat Greg brought along a new dice tray from his line custom made for the occasion. Anyone interested in a personalized type of dice tray contact Greg at …..

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