Semi Regular Retirees Game 05/09/24 Nimitz Battle of the Denmark Strait

Above 1/3000 scale KMS Bismarck 3D print by Kurt Linke mounted on a blue acrylic base from Litko on a ocean mat from Table Wars. I.D. Label was created on Apple’s Pages program.

It was action on the high seas today for our Thursday Retiree’s Game at Miniature Market Cave Springs using Nimitz WWII Naval rules to recreate the early WWII Battle of the Denmark Strait action between the British HMS Hood ( Bill D.) and HMS Prince of Wales ( Tom S.) trying to stop the breakout of the KMS Bismarck (Steve L.) and escort KMS Prinz Eugen (Mark W.) Chris K stopped by and picked out the optional rules for the Royal Navy that included The Prince of Wales having to roll for gun mechanism failure each time she fired a salvo from the main battery.

Above the opening positions as the players plot their strategies.

The two forces started on a Southwesterly course at 26,000 yards putting them just out of range so they would have to maneuver some before exchanging “pleasantries”. This happened on Turn One as the Hood turned to close the range with the Prince of Wales in close pursuit. Turrets swung into action and salvos crossed the skies with some damage being inflicted. The British concentrated generally on the Eugen, the Germans mostly on the Hood.

Towards the end of the game as the crippled Prinz Eugen is retreating and the players study their options. Nice to meet Bill (baseball cap) who we hope will join us again in a few weeks to play.

The battle twisted and turned as the Bismarck group fought to inflict enough damage to shake off their pursuers, but in the end even with the loss of the Hood (sorry Bill) they were unable to do so having sustained crippling damage to the Cruiser Eugen and significant damage to the Bismarck. Mark did get in close enough once to fire a salvo of torpedoes but they missed their mark and he was a bit perturbed at Steve sinking the crippled Hood by gunfire before he could get one of the fish into it’s side.

Near the close of the game.

In the end it was strategic victory for the Royal Navy, but the loss of the Hood will weigh heavily on the minds of those in the Admiralty. All in all a good game of a fast playing rules system that is easy to learn. Thanks to all the players for coming out to this week’s game.

6 thoughts on “Semi Regular Retirees Game 05/09/24 Nimitz Battle of the Denmark Strait

  1. Would have been interesting if Suffolk and Norfolk could have engaged the Prinz Eugene, thus allowing the Prince of Wales and Hood to concentrate on the Bismarck.

    1. I had both standing by but it really unbalances the game giving the Royal Navy a significant advantage.

  2. Let me know the next time you play Nimitz, I would like to drive down and give them a try.

    1. I will do so through Facebook events and Weekly Gaming Email Update. Keep a “weather eye” on both!

    1. Bill,
      Glad you could join us and hope that you will be able to come to play in the future.

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