Semi Regular Retirees Game 05/23/24 878 Vikings & Battle of The River Plate (Nimitz)

Two games on the agenda for our Thursday afternoon group at Miniature Market Retail Superstore – Cave Springs and a challenging time for our players as they navigated the scenarios presented.

First Pat Lewis had his superbly crafted 3D rendition of Academy Games 878 Vikings which pitted Andrew B. & Kurt L. (the English home team) vs the rascally invading Vikings hordes (Mark W. & Chris K.) and a battle it was at the Norsemen and their long boats appeared on the horizon off Southern England.

Things were going well initially for the invaders as they picked up various parcels of real estate for redevelopment but Andrew & Kurt gathered a few of the local boys and headed out to offer some changes to the dynamic of the best laid plans…

The battle (and the dice) swung to the favor of the islanders, besting the Vikings as they reached for Google Translate to find the correct pronunciation of the term “deathland to the North.”

Above Andrew & Kurt foil Mark’s attack on the London area.

Battle of The River Plate Nimitz

Across the Ocean and across the millennia The Royal Navy was bent on chasing down the commerce raider Graf Spee in the Battle of the River Plate. Steve L, Greg D., Bill W., Bill, & later Steve T. all did a bit of a round robin command as we played four games through the afternoon. In fairness the Spee did suffer just a minor magazine explosion on turn 2 of the first game somewhat reducing it’s usefulness to the Kriegsmarine.

The second game turned into something of a dogfight on the high seas as the Spee twisted & turned keeping the British guessing and even with superior numbers doing little damage to the Pocket Battleship until it was very close to breaking away and some Royal Navy Gunnery landed home.

Third Game saw a remarkable repeat of Game One with another magazine penetration and subsequent change in status from Commerce Raider to flotsam and jetsam.

And the fourth game say Steve T guide the Spee off the table and escaping having sunk the HMS Achilles with some well placed gunfire.

An enjoyable for those who attended and a Big Thank You to our gracious hosts at Miniature Market – Cave Springs.

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    1. Happy that you could join us and look forward to your doing so in the future as your work schedule permits.

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