Views from Barracks Battles @ DieCon 2024

The theme of the convention this year was celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the release of the first Godzilla Movie way, way back in 1954. In keeping with that theme Big Muddy contributed one game slot to Godzilla Island as part of the Family Gaming Project, consisting of easy to learn and fast playing games that would be inviting to new and younger players.

Here Godzilla got the best of on of his adversaries using his Atomic Breath.

Steve Lowry leads the players through the Attack on Taffy 3 using General Quarters rules.

Swashbuckling action as The 3 Musketeers take on the Cardinal’s Guard using our free give away rule set ... And One For All!

A look at the Friday afternoon gaming action across the tables.

Close up shot of the ….And One For All Game!

John Nozka GMs his “The First Day” scenario detailing the attack on Poland in 1939.

Tom Vielott explains the rule system for his OverDrive game to the players.

Ed Gray checks the quick reference sheet as the players engage up close in The Battle of Bunker Hill.

Third round for the Musketeers for Friday. The game ran quickly enough to get in multiple rounds with different groups during the session.

Ray Gluck goes over a few scenario details for his Bridge at Remagen Game for Friday Night.

Steve King runs Uncle Sam’s Eagles in the unfriendly skies over WWI No Man’s Land.

Round Two for Bunker Hill with a new batch of players. Friday evening.

Steve Lowry and The Battle of New Orleans ACW Naval.

Saturday Set Up

Dave Schaffner explains his BattleMaster scenario. This was another contribution to the DieCon Family Games Project.

Smuggler’s Run an AWI Naval action off the coast using Limeys & Slimeys rules which we were giving away to the players. Another contribution to the DieCon Family Game Project.

The Patriots & British getting up close and personal in Smuggler’s Run.

Pat Connaughton’s Battle of the Atlantic. A steam punk game of naval warfare has the players engaged.

David Harrison’s Operation Citadelle WWII Eastern Front scenario.

Battle of the Atlantic.

Tom Vielott’s Princess and the Ninja’s offered intrigue and a dash of roleplaying for the players.

Steve King’s American Civil War battle.

There was a Tussle at Hanging Rock in this AWI game by Dave Schaffner & Lance Western.

Pike & Shotte by Harry Borschardt on Saturday afternoon.

Close up of AWI figures by Lance Western for his scenario.

Word has it that the battle was intense.

Did the boys See the Elephant? We just don’t know…..

Is this Good Ground? A scenario of the second American Civil War by Adam Jones has the players checking their charts.

Dave Schaffner’s WWII Eastern Front game on a very active Sunday morning. that looked intriguing. His AAR will be posted separately.

Steve King prepping the table for his Rebel’s Triumphant scenario of the American War of Independence on Sunday Morning.

Overall the convention went splendidly. Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St Louis and our hard working GMs contributed some 188 player slots for the convention creating a very active weekend of gaming. We had the chance to catch up with our gaming friends from across the country, see new and returning vendors with their wares to lighten our wallets and have in general just a wonderful time with our hobby.

2 thoughts on “Views from Barracks Battles @ DieCon 2024

  1. DieCon 2024 was sharp!
    Lots of good-looking games, and there was real enthusiasm around the tables too.
    The Big Muddy Banner and membership table helped frame the group’s position at the con, and it was good ground!
    Thanks to Dave Harrison, Kevin Fitzpatrick, and Jon Bancroft for the diehard organizational support, and to all who made the convention such great fun.

    1. Our Thanks to You and all our excellent Game Masters who make the convention and all of our events great ones!

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