Barracks Battles @ DieCon 2024 ….And All For One!

As part of Big Muddy’s contribution to the Family Game Project we hosted a Three Musketeers miniatures game using .…And All For One! by Eureka Games.

Our scenario named The Capture of Constance turned into something of a free for all as the Cardinal and his Red Guard moved into the sleepy hamlet of St. Francois to take Constance into custody for treason as it was believed she was operating as an intermediary between the Queen and the Duke of Buckingham. The Queen fearful of her seamstress being in the hands of the Cardinal called upon The King’s Musketeers to save her servant and friend.

Here we see the Cardinal leading Constance away only to find his path blocked by two Musketeers, while Plancet in the background holds off two of the Cardinal’s Red Guard. Constance having sprained her ankle badly was only able to move in a limited fashion while the others were unrestricted in their movements.

Above we see one of the Red Guard grab a horse hoping to secure the prisoner. There were several times that the poor young seamstress was held by both sides in a tug of war.

Here Plancet takes on the Cardinal himself doing the best he can to deal with such a formidable opponent.

Two of the townsfolk’s near a wagon. The villagers would not engage in combat but, were able to be moved by the opposing sides as something of a moveable terrain feature and helped to block paths or escape routes.

Overall a great time at Barracks Battles for this Friday afternoon game. We were able to run it three times during the session changing players as we went along and giving out copies of the rules to those who were participating.

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