Barracks Battles @ DieCon 2024 Smuggler’s Run

During the American War of Independence Washington’s Army relied upon all sorts of supply methods to keep it in the field. One of those was smuggling along the Eastern Seaboard with a stream of small craft and rafts being used to ferry the precious cargo along the way to the troops in often desperate straights.

Using Limeys & Slimeys rules we recreated such a supply run in 25mm as part of Big Muddy’s contribution to the DieCon 2024 Family Game Project.

Four players took to the seas to complete (for the Patriots) or stop (for the British) the supply run in the shallow waters to the right in the photo above. The Continentals were hoping to get their small boats and rafts past the British patrols coming from the North to the left of the photo.

The Americans had some escorts in the form of and 8 gunner and a 4 gunner. Each of the small boats and rafts also sported a single cannon.

Above you will see the American 8 gunner entangled with the British 4 Gun Sloop. The small boats and rafts are having at it with cannons and muskets.

The game ended with a slight American victory which came at a cost of many brave crew.

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