Barracks Battles @ DieCon 2024 Eastern Front 1944 in 3mm.

Dave Schaffner provides us with his After Action Report for his Sunday morning game.

On Sunday morning at DieCon, I hosted an unscheduled 3mm WWII game, hoping there might be an open table to give it a go, and since it was basically going to be a play-test.

The Eastern Front ’44 scenario involved an initial Soviet reconnaissance mission to scout out the location of the German defense front, to be followed-up with an assault by 2 Battalions of T-34-85s, and an SU-152 Regiment as the main effort, with some air support assets, and organic artillery support.

The Germans had the equivalent of a Rifle Battalion deployed across a 5km front, so very much requiring a strongpoint defense posture. As the Red steamroller pressed into the depth of the German line, this would trigger the Panzer counterattack to begin arriving from the rear, that charged with stabilizing the line, and in defeating the Soviet onslaught in total if possible.

Pictured here, would be roughly half the fighting formations involved in the action on either side. The Heavy SUs logically became involved against pockets of German resistance, while the Soviet medium tank battalions rushed forward. However, the end-result was a strung-out Soviet tank attack involving individual tank companies, and a loss of mass when the tank fight dashed up against the German armored counterattack.

A big thanks to the guys giving the rule system and scenario a thorough thrashing, and I’m encouraged now to move forward with more Epic 3mm WWII gaming in the months ahead.


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