Barracks Battles @ DieCon 2024 Attack on Taffy 3

Steve Lowry hosted an intriguing game of General Quarters 3 WWII Naval Rules with his Attack on Taffy 3 scenario.

The premise being the battle which involved six US Escort Carriers and their limited escorts facing down a Battleship and Cruiser surface force of the Imperial Japanese Navy which included the Super Battleship Yamato.

The American CVEs made all possible speed (which isn’t much) to get as far from the IJN as was possible while their escorting DD’s and DE’s head into the fray hoping against hope that they can buy time for the carriers to get away.

The action was hot and heavy with the USN aircraft scoring some serious damage to Yamato making life unpleasant for the forces of the Emperor.

Also a problem for the IJN was the arrival of the American relief force consisting of the BBs recovered from Pearl Harbor and set upon avenging that day.

In the end Steve reports that one CVE was sunk and the Japanese had suffered some significant damage to their task force before turning back.

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