Barracks Battles @ DieCon 2024 Godzilla Island

As part of Big Muddy’s contribution to the DieCon 2024 Family Game Project we turned to an old favorite who was celebrating the 80th anniversary of his first movie release and that of course was none other than the mega celebrity Godzilla himself.

The premise of this scenario Godzilla Island was two competing teams of scientists one British, one German were attempting to tranquilize the creature and return him to their respective European Institutions for study. Using Wings of Glory and mixing it with Tripods & Triplanes we ventured to the restful island somewhere in the Pacific to fetch the creature.

Godzilla started in mid island the players at each end and the first one to bring him down was the winner. Players were free to engage the other teams and some certainly took a few shots, but the monster drew the focus of most of the attention of the pilots.

We were able to get in three games with Godzilla being tranquilized in the first two, but he got his payback in game three as he scored with his Atomic Breath which hit hard on the canvas and wood constructed leftover WWI aircraft.

A fun game to run and one that is certain to be seen again on our game tables.

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