Tuesday Night Gaming – Blood n’ Plunder

Shiver me Timbers! Twas a night of action on the high seas with Blood n’ Plunder at Game Nite on 8330 Watson Road. St. Louis, MO 63139

Adam Bortner sends in this AAR of the gaming action……

“HMS Iron Boar (Brigantine)

Captain Jeremiah Blessing

Patrolling off the coast”

“HMS Iron Boar was in pursuit of a French Sloop in high winds. The French Sloop attempted to escape around a small rocky island and a we were nearing the island a Dutch Navy Fluyt came bearing down on us. “

“HMS Iron Boar engaged both ships in late afternoon trading shots with the Dutch until the French rounded the island and attempting to board our ship. Luckily we were able to slip the engagement with the French as the Dutch slinked away from the engagement leaving the French in command of the area. Moral is high as the crew performed admirably against there opponents and should be commended.”

Looks like it was great fun! Adam also reports that there will be a game demo of Blood n’ Plunder coming up on Saturday 6/22 also to be held at Game Nite on 8330 Watson Road. St. Louis, MO 63139.

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