Semi Regular Retirees Game 06/13/24 War of 1812 Skirmish

Mark Johnson presented an interesting puzzle for all the players today with his 1812 Skirmish Game. Placed near Niagara, New York we found local Militia, Native Americans and a very tough unit of British “The Chosen Men” all pushing through the dense wooded game table in an effort to sweep the other side off the field.

Native Americans in the employ of the British (Pat L, Tom S. Greg D & Kevin F.) had been harassing the American forces (Steve L & Steve T) in their camp and the senior officers had just about enough of that. So the plan was essentially to move across the board and drive off the problem units.

Tom S. took charge of the most forward British unit of Native Americans and paid a price for being the most forward unit.

New player Pat joined the British side running one of the Native American units for bit during the game.

At the end of the game several units had been dispersed and all had significant losses. The “Chosen Men” on the left were hit repeatedly, but gave a good account of themselves during the battle securing the British Left. On the other side things were a bit more grim for the King’s forces as the Native forces had been hit badly and the flank was weakening. Overall a great afternoon of gaming at Miniature Market – Cave Springs. Good to see Bill D, Kurt L. and Keith S. stop by to visit for awhile.

Mark offers us some of the historical perspective on the game and how he saw the action develop.

“The United States 3rd Brigade under BG Porter advanced into the forest to drive back a Warband of Western Native Warriors.  Iroquois Warbands and Pennsylvania Militia swarmed forward, skirmishing through the dense forest.  After a very uneven exchange of musketry, the Western Warriors broke away to the north.”

    “Meanwhile, the Canadian Lincoln Militia and the Grand River Iroquois rushed south to support the Western Warriors.  In addition, the elite Chosen Men from the British Regular Regiments skirmished forward along the eastern woodline.  These Chosen Men were hardened, veterans of the Wars against Napoleon.  When they encountered the American Militia, the Chosen Men’s steady, unflinching volleys devastated one Pennsylvanian unit after another.”

    “While the US Militia was being mauled by the elite British Chosen Men, Red Jacket’s New York Iroquois inflicted telling losses on the Canadian Militia and Grand River Iroquois, scattering warbands and driving Lincoln Militia companies back north.”

   ” In the end, the British Chosen Men controlled the eastern woodline.  But elsewhere in the forest, American Militia and Indians controlled the wilderness.  They uncovered the old, abandoned, overgrown logging road and the ford at the sawmill ruins.”


  The main action of The Battle of Chippewa will be presented at the July Big Muddy Game Day. on Sunday July 21, 2024 at Miniature Market Cave Springs.

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