06/12/24 Wednesday Night Gaming – Battle of New Orleans ACW Naval

Steve Lowry posted this AAR on our Facebook Page from what apparently was a bit of a “Ram O Rama” Naval Battle of New Orleans that he ran at Fantasy Books & Games in O’Fallon, IL.

“This past Wednesday evening at the O’Fallon Fantasy store I ran the Civil War naval battle of New Orleans. The only ironclad in the game was the small one-gun confederate Manassas. Craig and Dave were Confederate and Ray Gluck and Ray Runge were Union”.

“The Confederates had 17 other ships, mostly side-wheel steamboats, since their command had decided not send 8 of their ships upriver to Memphis. Craig S. set up his nine steamboat rams within striking distance of the break in the chain, causing the Union fleet to become bottlenecked at that point. Dave sent his ships in to take care of any breakthroughs, causing the USS Hartford to be sunk. It was then Confederate rams versus Union guns but the Union guns could not sink the rams fast enough, resulting in the lead three Union ships being sunk, although causing grievous damage to the Confederate fleet. At that point seven Confederate ships had been sunk and 3 Union ships. The Union decided that losing 3 out of their 8 ships was too much damage to proceed further and the game was called. On the last turn 5 Confederate and 2 Union ships were sunk.”

“In the pictures the ships with the blue dice behind them have been sunk with the dice indicating how many turns they will remain as floating obstacles.”

“Everyone had a good time sinking each other.”

Thanks Steve for the great photos and battle report and of course a Big Thank You to the folks at Fantasy Books & Games in O’Fallon, IL

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