ACW Brigade Battle

Some pics from Dave Schaffner of his upcoming ACW scenario for our July Game Day on Sunday July 21, 2024 at Miniature Market Cave Springs.

Dave gives us a bit of description to what looks like a both colorful and interesting game that we are looking forward to seeing on the table.

A few pics here of a game we played, that I’m running again in July, with one Rebel brigade fighting a Yankee brigade across fields of typical farm country, sometime during the American Civil War (so close to a “Red [or Grey] on Blue” game as one might expect to see played, and also so typical of hundreds of such fights witnessed during that conflict.

The ACW rules I’ve been cobbling away at for a dozen years, but tweaked now for bigger size battalions and for 28mm figs. work really well, and on the compact 4ft. X 4ft. battle board prepared for comfortably fitting onto most hobby shop or game convention tables.

Thanks Dave for the preview pics and we hope to see all of you Sunday July 21st at Miniature Market Cave Springs.

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