Cahokia Project Works In Progress

We have several contributions on the workbenches today for our upcoming Cahokia Project Event at The St. Charles Heritage Museum on Saturday October 19, 2024 10am -4pm.

First we see some 25mm Native Americans that are preparing to take on the defending settlers as part of Burt Campbell’s Black Powder Game. Watch out for that tomahawk!

Dave Schaffner gives us a glimpse at his worktable as the troops muster in for his Raid on Le Petite Fort Skirmish game that will use Muskets & Tomahawks rules.

Here we see the enlarged game map for the 3D version of the “Attack on Cahokia” game being produced by Pat Lewis. This will be a 6″x4′ version of the game designed by Steve Kling and produced by The Historical Game Company.

In order for the “Attack on Cahokia” to be a 3D game we need miniatures and here are some that Harry Borschardt is currently working on to muster into service. These are 15mm Old Glory miniatures that will represent the local militia and civilians who were in the area.

Greg Dieckhaus is assisting the project with his 3D printer creating cabins that will represent the numerous buildings and farm houses that will be needed on the map.

Bob Alsop’s current work on the Illinois Militia

The Cahokia Project is an effort by a group of volunteer Game Masters and other contributors to present multiple games using a variety of rules sets, miniature scales and scenarios based upon the Attack on Cahokia which took place on May 26, 1780 as part of the British incursion into the area during the American War of Independence. We are planning on having the following games available on that day with the contributions of the following members being critical to the group efforts

Attack on Cahokia 3D Board-game 15mm Miniatures
Pat Lewis – Team Lead/Map & Terrain
Greg Dieckhaus – 3D Printed Buildings

Jerry Merrill – Terrain (Fort Bowman)
Steve King – Miniature Painter (British Indian Allies)
Bob Alsop – Miniature Painter (Illinois Militia)
Harry Borschardt – Miniature Painter (Civilians/Local Militia)
Ed Gray – Miniature Painter (British Indian Allies)
Andrew Biedenstein – Miniature Painter (British Indian Allies)

Chris Ketcherside – Miniature Painter (British Traders)
* Volunteer Needed – Miniature Painter(Clark’s Dragoons/Patriot Artillery)
Kevin Fitzpatrick – Game Counters

Attack on Cahokia Mission/Fort 54MM Fistful of Lead Bigger Battles Rules
Steve Lowry

Attack on Cahokia 25mm Black Powder Rules
Burt Campbell

Attack on Cahokia 25mm Muskets & Tomahawks Rules “Raid Le Petite Fort”
Dave Schaffner

Attack on Cahokia “Battle of the Farmhouse” 25mm One Hour Skirmish Wargames Rules (Reserve/Overflow Game)
Kevin Fitzpatrick

If you would like to assist with the preparations for this group event or learn more please contact

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