Tuesday Night Gaming 06/25/24 Blood & Plunder

There was action on the high seas and ashore as our Tuesday night game raised sails for adventure with Blood & Plunder. Game Master Adam Bortner tells the tale through his photos and after action report…..

“In Jamaica an English village has been attacked by Pirates. The Sloop of War HMS Iron Boar engaged a pirate Heavy Bark of the coast and turned them away with devastating broadsides.”

“The pirates then followed up by multiple attacks on the village by pirates on land
that had the brave English Milita fighting for their lives.”

“The pirates pushed back the Militia only for the firepower of the English Provincials to decimate the Pirate ranks.”

“In the end the English Militia held their ground and defeated the pirate attack.”

Thanks to all the players who joined in the game and to the great folks at Game Nite for their support.

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