Semi Regular Retirees Game 06/27/24 Attack on a Cahokia Farmstead

As part of the Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance – St. Louis “Cahokia Project” we did a run through critique session of scenario based upon the box cover of the Attack on Cahokia Game by The Historical Game Company using 25mm miniatures and One Hour Skirmish Wargame Rules. The premise was a small group of settlers defending one of the numerous farms in the area at the time of this battle of the American War of Independence May 26, 1780.

6 defenders made up of pairs of local militia, civilians and George Rogers Clark’s Virginia Militia held the farm while 20 British Indian Allies pressed the attack on the property. Indian muskets were allowed an 18″ range while the settlers were given a 24″ range accounting for poorer equipment being provided to the Native Americans. All muskets required 2 action points to fire. The two Virginia Militia were given a benefit in melee as they had bayonets.

In the first game Greg D and Steve L commanded the Settlers while Chris K and Pat L handled the British Indian Allies.

Game one went to the attacking force with the brave defenders completely wiped out, but it was no easy go for the natives as they too suffered some significant losses.

In the second game Mark J joined Steve L to command the Native forces while Pat L & Chris K took over the defensive duties.

The second game allowed us to add in a rule from the One Hour Skirmish Wargame rulebook creating a time factor element to the scenario for the Natives. This proved very fruitful for the last remaining defender who held out alone against the onslaught and allowed for a Settler’s win on just the luck of the draw.

Thanks to all the players today for their critiques and ideas to make this game more playable and interesting for the upcoming event in October at the St. Charles Heritage Museum. As always our Thanks to the fine staff at Miniature Market Retail Superstore – Cave Springs for their gracious support.

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